Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Homemade Happiness

I finally have a new table for dining.
I have been saving photos of tables for a long, long time to show my son who is a builder,
but when I showed
them to my husband he said, "I can build that"

(and you have to know what I thought---yes, but when?)

                          I was a little stunned when the next day he went to get the lumber for it.

I have been wanting a new table for a long time. One that would 
accommodate the family when they come to visit.
I loved my little iron garden table with the glass top but it didn't allow for enough
room for chairs because of the way the underneath was designed. 

 I am loving the way it turned out!
I painted it and now it's ready for food!

The photos aren't great because we have had clouds, clouds, clouds
and today it is snowing. It is warming up now so it will be rain soon and take 
the snow away. 

My husband is on a roll I tell ya!

I told him I wanted to take the little wall next to the refrigerator
and put plate rails up the entire wall to hold some of my favorite 
plates and when I explained what I wanted he made it happen.
I LOVE it!

I get credit for the cookies!

I thought I would share some things I found while I was out of town
visiting the dentist. I had to reward myself for having a good check up you know!

I love this tiny little plaque and coin purse.
Of course I found lace too! 

I was thrilled to find this piece of tin (or aluminum) can art.
I have seen pieces before, but nothing I really liked.
but this I love.

It's about 8" in diameter.
I would love to try and make something like this someday.


This is what I am starting to look forward too.
It will be amazing to look out the window and see the trees in bloom again.
This was taken in May of last year.

The little violets will bloom again soon too.

Oh yes, and I also found this tiny little doily yesterday,
So I had to show you the extent of my Easter decor this year ---
sad, but true!

and of course...
some cheap peeps

and one non-conformist : )
always has to be one in the crowd!

I hope all of you are enjoying a beautiful Spring no matter the weather!!!