Thursday, December 20, 2012

A simple little Christmas

I'm back to show a little more of the decorating I did this year for Christmas.
I knew if I didn't put it on here tonight I wouldn't be able to share it before
Christmas was over, and who wants to look at the decorating after
Christmas has come and gone?


Daughter number three and her family will be here tomorrow to celebrate the holiday
with us and then go back home to Boise so the children will be in their own
home for Christmas morning.
I will be baking and cooking tomorrow for a Christmas dinner  here on Saturday.


Daughter number two and her family who lives in St. George, Utah will fly in
during the holiday break and my older son will come home then also and
 I will be cooking another dinner for them  )

Daughter number four and her little girl live nearby and so she will get
two Christmas dinners along with Landon, Dale and I.

Yippee...we get to eat twice the pie!

So until Christmas is over, I will most likely be sleeping in my apron!

I think this will be the new normal for us during the holidays.

When children grow up and get families of their own they like to be in
their own homes at Christmas making their own traditions.

Not to mention the in-laws who want to have them when their turn comes.

Most of you know that I have six children and at first it was difficult for me
to see them move away from home. Through the years some have moved
many times in the course of schooling and jobs and so I feel blessed
just to get them home once in awhile.

After this weekend with the three year old, I will wonder why I even
 decorated the house at all...
and by the time the nine month old is done with it when
his turn comes during the Christmas break,
too many pretty shiny things to just leave alone.

Here are a few more photos of what I did in the house this Christmas.

I finally got the tree decorated. 
Why is it so hard to get a decent photo of a Christmas tree?
I tried to get a shot of the whole tree and didn't get one I liked so here are a few 
close-ups of some of the ornaments used this year.

The tree won't last long with the wood heat and dry air, 
but we will enjoy it while we can.
It smells so good!

It's a simple tree

with simple ornaments

a simple cranberry garland

and I simply love it!

the candles are burning, the carols are playing
and I am reminded again how much I LOVE this season of JOY and how
grateful I am that a Child was born in Bethlehem.

Wishing you all a Blessed Christmas Day!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jingle Bells

As fast as time is flying,
Christmas will be here and gone before I can post
all of the photos I have been taking of my Christmas decorating.
Tonight I will post lots and lots of  photos of the living room.

I haven't brought the tree in yet so I will be sharing it and some
other vignettes I have done around the house
in another post.

As you can see,
I changed the mantle.
I have moved the paperwhites to the window sill as you will see.

I made this cedar wreath the other day to hang on the mirror.
I also made others to hang in the windows.
I needed something simple here and this was just what I wanted. 

Paper doilies stamped with 



 I just had to bring out my mercury balls again this year.

More paperwhites and mercury balls.

A little reflection.

Reds in the cupboard.

Let me open the doors so you can see it a little better.

The nativity my daughter made in elementary school.

My iron garden angel in the dining room.


I know this was a lot of photos for one post so I am going to try and do little posts
during the holidays to share the rest of the Christmas in the house.

Many hugs from me!!!!