Saturday, December 21, 2013

A little more of the Christmas decor in and out of the house...

We had a very frosty day yesterday so I was having a little fun with
Christmas garland in the trees and a few balls on the clothesline.

No snow to speak of and that is different for this time of year here.

 I don't buy many new Christmas decorations because I like
to use the same things from year to year, but when I saw these
little chartreuse pine cones I had to have them.
I think they will be pretty hanging from some packages this year.

The mantle is much less colorful than last year's. I used all
my old glass balls that I purchased years ago.

I love the red pear candles I found this year.

The birch pillars are from a tree in the garden we have to limb up this summer.

A small urn of aspen twigs in keeping with the winter woodland look this year.

A teeny nest in the branches of the aspen trees.

A large urn by the front door filled will more twigs finishes off the look.

Wishing you all the joy this season brings!
sending hugs from here...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A woodsy white Christmas

I would like to share a little of the Christmas decorating that I have been 
doing this year.
I wanted to do a Winter woodland scene this year.

We have many aspen trees on our property that our horses pasture on
 and because Dale was having to clear some of the suckers
 that come up in the fence line I thought it would be a wonderful way to use them.

I have been making a few simple ornaments and 
painting a few oak leaves for the branches.

I know this post was a little heavy on the photos and light on words, but I will be back
to share more of the decor and things that
 make me love this time of year so much.
See you soon!