Tuesday, July 28, 2009

White Wednesday...in the garden...

'Alaska' Shasta daisy (above) Ashleaf spirea (below)
'White Swan' echinacea

Sweet Alysum

'Annabelle' hydrangea

Sweet little sweet pea

my willow furniture at pasture fence

'Henryi' clematis

'Galahad' delphinium

I love this chippy aluminum chair used as a plant support


climbing 'White Dawn' rose

My sweet iron angel statue in the garden for summer

Another 'White Wednesday' is here and I decided to head out to the garden for today's post. These whites are all blooming now in the garden. I had more, but decided to wait for another day, lest I should bore you. I love white blooms. They have a way of stealing the show. I especially love gardens with dedicated 'white garden rooms'. Someday I would love to create that here in my own garden. They are so serene and calming and are wonderful by moonlight. I think that would be a great project to start on right away. Why wait for tomorrow when I could be planting today. I guess I'm off to the nursery!
Don't forget to go to Kathleen's at Faded Charm Cottage and enjoy the whites that others are showing off today.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The late July garden...

This is the garden right now. I love how it changes daily. Sometimes I find myself mourning the loss of some blooms like peonies, iris, lilacs,etc, knowing that it will be a whole year before I can enjoy them again. The only solace is that there is always a new beauty to come and take it's place. I love that the clematis, monarda, shasta daisys, and daylilies are blooming, and I know I will be missing them when they are done. So the cycle goes.
We have been enjoying these summer days. Hubs is on vacation for a couple of weeks and we are planning some road trips. He loves traveling in the high country, so that means narrow winding roads and few if any potty stops. I do have to say that I enjoy it as well. So we will be enjoying the mountains very soon. Landon loves anytime he can spend in a car. I think he enjoys it as much as we do. Hopefully you all are having your share of fun this summer.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Where I create...(make a mess)

Welcome to where I make my biggest messes. Thank you to Karen at My Desert Cottage for hostessing this wonderful party 'Where Bloggers Create'. If you could have seen this room a week ago! While cleaning it up I found so many half done projects that I can't wait to start messing it up again. I am definitely motivated to get things done now. Can we have another one of these in say... two months? I'm sure that will give me time to have another pile of partially completed projects again.
This room seems to collect all those odds and ends that I haven't found a permanent home for yet, so it gets pretty tight in here at times. My yard sale finds, my T.J.Maxx and Michaels and....finds, all seem to end up here for awhile until I can decide where they would look the best in the house, or until they get their makeovers. I guess that it what a studio is for. I love having a room of my own to make all the messes I want. When my family was young, I only had the kitchen table between meals, so this is a real treat for me.
So glad you could stop in to take a peek. Now I think I'll sit here and finish a project or two.