Thursday, June 9, 2016

my lilacs 2016

I have been putting this post off now for over a week because I knew
how difficult it would be to narrow down which photos
I wanted to share most.
I take zillions of pictures of the lilacs, and I think it's because
I want to hold onto them a little longer than they last in the garden.
I have ten lilacs bushes planted here in the garden and I
love each one for different reasons.
In the photo below you will see three different varieties.
The one on the bush is Charles Joly, the bluish one in the birdbath is
President Lincoln and the white one is Avalanche.

(if you read here and would like to weigh in on the size of my photos I would love
to hear your opinion. If me using the original size is too overwhelming I would like to know)

The lilacs on the chair are Charles Joly and the one on the bush behind is Sensation.


Avalanche (below) is the most gorgeous and the most fragrant of the French white lilacs 
I have found yet.
I worked at a plant nursery several years ago and I would walk up and down the rows of lilacs that 
we stocked (which were many)  and this lilac was such a stand out that I knew I had to have it.

It is stunning on and off of the bush!

Sensation is next with it's white margins on the bloom.
 It looks totally different in bright sun as it does
in afternoon sun. 
You will see the difference in the following photos.

This is more true to it's color in the bouquet below and when it is brought in from
the harsh sunlight.
It also wilts faster in a vase than some of my others.
I think the little curly petals look pretty!
In the photo below is a sensation bloom and the lilac in the
background is Glory.
I love all the different colors of lilacs in this row of five. 

Sensation sure lives up to it's name.
The downside to this lilac is that the scent is just not there.
It has a very faint scent as lilacs go, so it's lucky it's so darn pretty!


This lilac is Beauty of Moscow and I LOVE this lilac!
It's bloom is beautiful and it's scent is yummy.

The scent of Beauty of Moscow is not as
overwhelming as the Avalanche, but still wonderful!

I really love this bloom!

In this tray I have Beauty of  Moscow, Sensation and Charles Joly.

Love this little enamel cup of lilacs
Beauty of Moscow and Charles Joly

if I had to pick just one lilac to have in my garden
(and thank goodness I don't have to choose)
President Lincoln would win hands down!
The reason is the color of this bloom.
I don't know what there is about it, 
but I just love this blue-ish lavender bloom. 
I also love that it is loose and the bloom arches down so beautifully.

President Lincoln is very much like the President Grevy lilac.

On the sunny side of the bush, it's packed with blooms, and on the shady
side under one of the crabapple trees they are smaller but still pretty.

The last lilac I will share in this post is Charles Joly.
What a gorgeous guy he is!!! And the scent will totally
make you loopy if out around it too long : )))).
Seriously! It's extremely strong.
It's a little different than the white Avalanche, but just as strong.

The bloom is jam-packed with florets and there is no way to see the
stems on it.
I am crazy over this lilac!
I also have the Glory lilac right next to it and I can see very little difference
in the bloom other than the florets on the Glory are larger and maybe a teeny bit
magenta, yet open to the same color as Charles Joly.

Just so hard not to love this one the most!
I didn't get photos this year of the other varieties I have here in this garden.
a couple of years ago I shared a photo of all my lilac blooms and labeled them.
I mixed up the Charles Joly with a dark purple Lilac that was un-named when I got it.
I've been trying to locate the pic again so I can correct it so I'm not mis-leading anyone
who maybe trying to find just the lilac they want.

But, you would be a winner with any one of these !