Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a 'real rustic' post

I put these to good use this past week at the annual barn dance!
Dale and I had a great time with neighbors and friends
and danced till my feet couldn't stand anymore.

It got me in the mood to do something a little rustic for this post!

Can you believe it?
This house didn't make the home tour!

 For those who are new to my blog, I live in rural Idaho in the south central part of the state in a town of 500.
no Targets, no Macys, no Burger Kings and no home tours!!!

I wonder if it's distance from town had anything to do with it?

or maybe the interior isn't to everyone's liking.
too shabby chic, do you think???

No front door?
Safety could be the issue
too easy for solicitors to get in!
and with that floor, one would have to have a good home owners insurance
if they did gain entrance!

hmmm...I'm not sure that this chimney would pass inspection.

A little work on the exterior and a new front entrance might just give it a chance though.

Landscaping would be a must.

The house and property does have it's pluses though.
Like it's own fenced in graveyard.
How many houses can say that these days???

It also has it's own natural spring water and bath-house.
Just a little work on the walls and roof and you could be scrubbing away the 
dust from your daily drive before you know it.

I'd move in just for the view!!!!

Oh look---- I did move in.
Dale took these photos for me last month

but I'm not getting off this chair until I get some wall-to-wall in here!

I think the sofa should go over there...and...

...what about a painting on this wall???

Yes, I think this place has potential!

But what a long way to go to get a gallon of milk!
Maybe I'll have to buy a cow.

Staying with the rustic theme here-----
My husband helps a couple of the ranchers in the area when they gather their 
cattle from their summer ranges,
and while riding the other day in a remote area he found an old dumping ground.
When he got home he told me that there was some old rusty stuff out there 
and that he would take me out and show me where it was.
This is some of what I came home with. 
I thought I could use some of the rusty buckets to plant in next season and 
who knows what I will use the old tobacco tins for.

I wanted the old bed springs for those little coil springs on the top. 
I love these things-
tons of ways to use them.

Oh look!!!
Another house that didn't make the tour!

Knock, knock
anybody home???


Anonymous said...

Loved your post June! What beautiful country! I wonder what size family lived in that little cabin- it is amazing how tiny the homes where and they had tons of little ones too!

Did you bring that chair for the photo op?

Love all your rusty finds! Would love to find a bed spring my self - I have wondered how hard it is to get all those little springs detached from the frame though!

bee blessed

Angela said...

Hi! Great boots! Are you the beautiful one in the chair? Looks like you had a lot of fun with this post :)
I needed some boots like that for my Junkstock experience recently (on an old farm). Blessings!

Geli said...

Hello June! What a wonderful post! I LOVE IT!,, and I would take this old house, when there is water - no problem - in one year there would be a lot of plants! Your living in a wonderful place on earth June! I really like it and the photos with you in the house- so beautiful! The tins are a treasure! I' m sure you will make something beautiful with them! Best wishes for you! Geli

Jade said...

Oh June, i loooooooooooooove, love, love this post, it´s so full of beauty and poetry!!!!! Have a wonderful autumn time,

Hugs Jade

Jade said...

Oh June, i loooooooooooooove, love, love this post, it´s so full of beauty and poetry!!!!! Have a wonderful autumn time,

Hugs Jade

Monica said...

I have loved this post soo much! Thanks, June!

oldgreymare said...

hey junebug, one of your best posts ever..look at you with your long hair..How cute are you! <3

Junebug said...

Well Missy, I'd probably walk right past you on the street with your long hair. That is assuming your town has a street with sidewalks, LOL!!!

What some great pictures!! Love that old weathered wood of that house. You are one brave gal for even tip toeing to that chair on that floor.

I can already vision those old buckets filled with blooms next summer. I know your planning has already begun!

Simply love this post!

The other Junebug!

Emma said...

You are so funny!!!!I love it!:)
You look great!

christine said...

june great post... my granddaughter had family photo's taken at the beach just recently.. they carried a big old couch there, they look fantastic.. love you to see them..cheers from australia xx

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Love this post--so pretty laced with humor. Love the pictures of you!

flowersandhome said...

Great post!
All that space!!!!! Love it!
A barn dance, that must be so much fun.
That little house on the prairie, adorable... Hope you got out all right.... no broken legs or so... You didn't wear your safety helmet, tssss!!!
On those buckets!!! Wonder what you'll plant in them. It will look so very shabby good. No dumps around here, everything gets reclycled to the core but that's a good thing of course and ..... We don't have the space to have dumps anyway, so it's far better to recycle then isn't it! But I would like a bucket or two like that....

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi June,
What a fabulous post! Your photos are amazing and that pic of you in the chair is a real winner. I love your artistic flair!!!
Love all that rusty stuff too. Your man knows just what you like you lucky girl you.

So much beauty to behold in the sweet old broken down house.


awal.ny said...

Too funny. I think the best part is that you brought a chair for pictures. I could see you turning the little place into a wonderful retreat. It is fun to have something make you think outside the box. That view is beautiful.

the old white house said...

OH my gosh, I loved this!! You are so beautiful sitting in your fancy chair in your fancy home tour :) This was so much fun, I'm glad I was able to start my day off with you making me smile! Dale is such a sweetheart to share a new treasure hunting spot, I can't wait to see what you do with everything. love, t.xoxooxox

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a great fun post! The countryside is so beautiful. I can imagine how peaceful and quiet it must be. You are blessed to live where you do.

FlowerLady Lorraine

Julie Marie said...

Oooh June, this is the cutest post I have EVER seen!... you know me and rustic and open countryside... these photos are just precious and I know they WILL make the hometour somewhere in a magazine... you look too cute sittin' in that chair in that little fixer~upper~... and your hidden treasures, wow!... Dale hit the jackpot finding that spot for you, and how lucky you are to dig around and come up with all those priceless things... I always start daydreaming about who once lived there and what their lives were like and why things were left behind... listen for whispers from the past... thank you sooo much for sharing!... xoxo Julie Marie

Julie Marie said...

PS I got so carried away with the little old house, I forgot to tell you I also LOVE your boots!... and a barn dance... I would be in Heaven... xoxo Julie Marie

Julie Marie said...

You cutie... I just went back to look at all of it again... looks like you already put hydrangeas in there... love it!...

Unknown said...

oh wow..what a find....love it! nothing better than digging up buried "treasure." way cool! i almost didn't recognize you though....your hair is much longer now than in your last picture!! sweet. ;)

Blondie's Journal said...

I love when you post, June! You always make me smile! A barn dance...how fun! I went to a party in an old barn once and it was a blast! Love the boots! That little cabin looks like it needs one of Blogland's real "do it yourselfers" to come in and and make a few changes. Love the pics of you in the elegant chair amidst the chaos! Great, fun post!


Deb said...

Hi June
Love all your posts and pictures ...and all that rusty stuff is fabulous!
If anyone could turn that little cabin into a dream getaway, it is you! It already looks better with the wing chair :-)

summersundays-jw said...

I think you should go back & put a big green wreath on that little cabin for Christmas. Love the loot you found....I want a metal detector!!!! Jan

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

I am speechless.....oh wait!(pause)
I LOVE YOUR POST, JUNE! You look beautiful as always. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely houses with us. Ciao for now Rita

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

What a cute post and great photo shoot, dear June! You found a quiet place for sure. Maybe the home is a bit too shabby to move in but I love the old wood. It would be perfect to create some lovely furniture pieces.
Your boots are awesome! It's wonderful that you had such a great time dancing!
Hugs to you, my friend,

Hearts Turned said...

Wonderful, June! Great pictures, great view! Love the shots with you in the house--fabulous!

Wishing you a wonderful day!


pballard said...

Beautiful post. Great finds as well.

My name is Riet said...

Hi dear June. What a fun rustic post, I love that country of yours. So much space. I love your new look. Your hair grew and it looks fantastic. LOve that photo of you in the chair. Gorgeous.
Have a nice week my friend,
hugs from Riet

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

lol lOVE your post today:) I'll bet that little house was great in its time. I can't believe you brought a chair for inside of it - tooo cute? I can't imagine living in a little town with only 500 people in it. It must be wonderful. I'll bet when someone new comes in to town, they are spotted right away:) Fun treasures too. Your husband has to be a keeper if he actually showed you where they were. My husband steps on the gas when we go by yard sales. lol
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Marrianna said...

June - love the photos. What a great find in the pod cabin AND the rusty treasures. Way to go for a great post with humor and fantastic photography. Lucky you to have a husband to take you back out on the range for treasures.

Bente said...

What a great post, June. I was smiling through it all. Wonder who lived in that house once. Maybe norwegian immigrants? Who knows.

And June, You looks like a young girl on the photos.

Hugs from me

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Oh my goodness...I hope you are framing that picture of you in that house. That looks like so much fun! I love it!

Cindy said...

Oh my goodness gracious! That was such a fun post. Can you even imagine living in that small space out in the middle of nowhere ... WOW! How in the world did people do that? Such a different life than we have now. What an incredible view though... just gorgeous. It's so fascinating to imagine the story behind this house and the graveyard and all of it. You're too cute sitting in your chair in the house!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I had no idea that where you live, it is so OPEN. Buy the looks of your home and garden, it seems as if you are in a more populated area! WHat a gorgeous view and country! YOU LOOK GREAT AND your photos, OH DEAR, you are so good. HAPPY DAY ! Anita

myletterstoemily said...

you are too funny! how did you ever get
that chair in your fixer upper? :)

when we were little and passed a terrible
old house, my brother would always say
"there's lane's (my older cousin) honeymoon

Mimi Sue said...

Is it for sale? We've been looking for a fixer-upper! :) So fun to live out in the middle of nowhere. Great junk! Love the buckets. Mimi

Anne said...

Ahhhh June the story's that house could tell! I wonder when it was built and who lived there.What a beautiful view! LOVE that chair did you bring it with you for photos?Oh what cool treasures too!

Victorian1885 said...

Hello Dear June
First I love your hair! You look so pretty!
What a great idea for a post...that is quite the fixer upper! When we see old places like this I always wonder what it was like to have lived there.
Your chair is fabulous and I have said you could photograph a bucket of rusty nails and I would love it! You are one talented Lady! Have a great week my Friend!

Olive said...

Dale's images of you in the chair are delightful. The setting could not be better. The soft chair against the tumble down house was perfect. xo, olive

Diana Seal said...

"Fixer-upper with a million dollar view" -- I love it!
Wonderful post June, you look great in the chair, did you bring him all the way from home?

Bella's Rose Cottage said...

Hi June,
Well now that is rustic! Not even a neighbor to borrow a cuppa sugar :-) But what a view and I can only imagine the quiet.. a blank slate for a garden, hmm :-)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Cute post!! How in the world did you drag that chair out there!! There is some great boards in that old house and oh, how great to find old buckets, tins and bottles, girlfriend you live in beautiful land!!!


Katherine said...

I love the pictures of you in the house shell. The rustic features offer the perfect place to highlight a pretty gal perched in a chair. So sweet.
Dale needs to take you back for more pictures .... maybe wearing a long-flowing-something-with-the-cowgirl-boots on. The location offers great contrast {and it could be fun}.

Unknown said...

so fun! oh I love old places....if only the walls could talk!

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

How FUN June!!
Well, it certainly does have rustic appeal and quite a lot of potential. Gosh, that VIEW!
You scored some great old finds in the dumping ground. What a sweet hubby to know just what you like.
You really live in a beautiful part of the country, June. :)

Anonymous said...

A little fixer-upper with a view. My kind of heaven. :)
I've found a few rusty goodies like yours on our property. Sweet! Hope you'll show us what you do with the springs!

Lana Manis said...

June, if you need a renter... you know how to get in touch with me! ;)

Loved your rusty finds! My mom and I used to go deep into the woods near her home (my childhood home) and dig for treasures in an old dump pile that had been long grown over.

You look lovely in the photos!

Kate said...

Dear June
How did I miss this beautiful post Rustic Im there!!! I love the photos of you in the chair you are so darling. Hope that you are enjoying the fall. Much love and hugs

Heaven's Walk said...

Wow wow and wow, June! I can not BELIEVE the beauty that surrounds you out there!!! Your photos left me just speechless! No wonder you have such an incredible garden. You must have the ideal weather out there during the summer. :) Cute pics of you, too! They're keepers!

xoxo laurie

Fete et Fleur said...

Dear June,

You are so beautiful! I love these photos of this wonderful place and you and that chair complete the loveliness. June every time you leave a comment it's a bright light in my day. I wish we lived closer. We could share a cup of tea, warm stories and create together. I know we're kindred spirits. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your heart.

Big hugs!

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Hi June ~ that is awesome! Don't you just love the land out our way?! That house looks like just the perfect placing for poking around and I love that old caravan in the last picture. Awesome! xo

Rostrose said...

Hej, pretty girl!!!
Ahem, your "pretty new home" is really a bit shabby, but it is a gorgeous setting for your beautiful chair and the beautiful young lady sitting in it!
And your hubby made wonderful rustic finds - I'm sure you'll use them as a good decoration.
Soon I'll come to the USA - unfortunately not to Idaho (and even for a short step to Utah) - I'll write to you separately an email!
Warm hugs, my dear, Traude

Nely said...

Hi dear June!
Ohh what a lovely post with so beautiful pictures,this place is amazing,and your"sweety new home"
Many hugs dear friend,

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hello June ~ loving your new header!
This post is just beautiful (as are you!)!! That is some prime real estate!

Pondside said...

That's what I love about you, June - your 'half-full' approach to life, where most people would be thinking 'half-empty'. You could do a lot with that little fixer-upper. It has potential - for one thing, you wouldn't have to spend a dime on A/C, and because it's so far from town, there'd be no need for expensive window treatments. Go for it!

Nella Miller said...

Hi dear June, what a gorgeous post!! It is no wonder your creativity knows no bounds in such a beautiful place!
You look lovely with long hair ! Looks like you are still having some beautiful sunny days and thank you for your lovely comments always, hugs, N.xo

Tammy said...

Hey June! What a fun post! I'm so used to your profile photo with the short hair ... definitely like the longer look. I must say, that homestead is more on the shabby side than the chic ... those old tins are very cool. Can't believe that stuff was just sitting around out there. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Tammy

Tammy said...

Hey June! What a fun post! I'm so used to your profile photo with the short hair ... definitely like the longer look. I must say, that homestead is more on the shabby side than the chic ... those old tins are very cool. Can't believe that stuff was just sitting around out there. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Tammy

Terra said...

I like that home or caravan in your last photo, with the horse.
They say with real estate it is "location" and your falling down cabin has that with its delightful views.

wendy said...

I want to go house touring with YOU.
Oh boy we could have fun. I love how you put that lovely chair in that delapitated house. You look lovely sitting there.
AND, if anyone can make that place liveable YOU COULD.
Your touch is gold.
Funny, a graveyard right there, but Hey, why not. keep your loved ones close. I am ok with that.
You never cease to amaze me, with your ability to see BEYOND, what is actually there
and come up with soooo much more.
Oh my, HUGS to you

Alina said...

What a lovely post !!!!!
Wonderful pics and such beautiful atmosphere , You created....
Hello from here !

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh June you are so darling! I love the pictures your hubby captured of you! Pretty June. What a beautiful setting! I am sure there is so much history in that little house! Love your rusty collection too! Have a wonderful weekend!

Love ya,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning June! Thank you for visiting me; it is always a pleasure to see your beautiful smile on my comments page! AND I love your hairdo!!! Blessings, Anita

Leslie said...

What a lovely blog! Very cleaver :) and what matters most is whether or not the fixer-upper has good bones and I think it does! You look comfy in the beautiful chair .. what a great spot for a cup of tea and a good book.

Sounds like you live a wonderful and very peaceful existence :)


Diana`s said...

Hey June , what a wonderful post ,
so much humor !
I just love it
Hugs from Diana (denmark)

Barbara said...

Such a cute post, June! I smiled and laughed all the way through. Fun photos of you in that chair! :) Why is it we always want to explore when we see something like this? I do...and I can see you do too. Yes, the view is gorgeous.

It's busy around here what with all the packing...hard to believe the move is only 3 weeks off.

Privet and Holly said...

June, you are so darling.
You should feature your
pretty self more often on
your blog : ) Of course, I
would be dreaming right
along side you ~ yes, the
view is fab ~ so much
potential for the right
owner!! Love that your
hubby played photographer,
too. He's good!

xo Suzanne

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

Loved seeing your gorgeous photoshoot, that is so dreamy of you sitting in the lovely chair, you are very pretty.
The view from the shabby chic cottage, is beautiful.
The little caravan and the rusty goodies are fabulous.

Happy new week

Angela said...

Such beautiful images! I grew up in the country (in Australia!) and find something so captivating about crumbling relics stuck out in the middle of nowhere. The beauty of age and imperfection is so authentic.

Angela x

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Dear June there is a lot to be said in living away from the big smoke like we both do. You know I'd give up my wonderful home here and move in there any day provided it was done up just a little (LOL!) and I had a studio attached and a garden. After all what else do we really need?
What a stupendous view! - Oh my goodness! - just stunning and so is the close up view too of you sitting so happily in that chair there!

I can see a new garden look coming up very soon with a few more rusty items around!

Dale sounds just like Jeff in looking out for all the things that we love that cannot be bought! Priceless!

Thank you for sharing such a special post that appeals to my heart!

You are truly blessed to see the beauty in simple things!

Sending love and desert hugs to you
dear friend,

Maison Beldecor said...

Oh so funny and great... a wonderful post dear June!
Sending lots of hugs

koralee said...

You are just way too cute for words..I love that old homestead! You are such a creative friend...wedding photos would be so fun here. oxox Hugs to you

Donna Reyne' said...

adorable! Just like you!
I love this old place...wish I had one here!
Oh wait...It looks just like a few rooms of our house we haven't finished yet!
Wish you were here to share it with me!
Love the pics Dale took of you!
Take care...much love and big hugs!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Now this is country living! There is such romance in these tumbled down old places. I have a book about a builder who constructs new dwellings with all aged original materials like this. Gorgeous!

Burlap Luxe said...

It's been far to long, perhaps a good year. June I love the photo shoot, you in the chair, and the chair in a perfect spot of this beautiful home.

Beautiful post, a place to love.

Lisa said...

What a great post! I love seeing your sweet self in the pictures:) So how did the chair get out there? Your husband deserves a big ol sloppy kiss for finding that great bunch of cool stuff!

Elizabeth said...

What a lovely post! I just jumped over from "Bee hive cottage" so happy to have found your wonderful blog! Elizabeth

Vicki said...

Hi, June,
Dale got some wonderful shots of you!! I am sure you could have that old house furnished beautifully in no time. I can see buckets of your beautiful roses and peonies in there!! If the walls of that wonderful house could talk, I am sure we would hear some great tales!!! I can't wait to see those rusty buckets planted with some of your pretty flowers. I hope you have had the best of weeks, dear friend. Sending love and hugs to you~Vicki

Teacup Mosaics said...

Dear June,
This is my kind of house tour. Awesome spot, just think of the stories it could tell. I am fasinated with little abodes like this. Oh the view, breathtaking.
Too cute that you have moved right in. Might be a little breezy this winter, I would test the fireplace before committing:)
I am updating my blogroll and hope it is OK to keep you on it. I always love my visits and I am sure others I direct your way will too.
Have a not too scary Halloween, BOO!

bobbie said...

Now that's wha'cha call a fixer-upper!!
Great post ~~~

Eagle bobbie

Robin said...

June, so fun to find your blog!

Unknown said...

Hello June, congratulations for your blog.
I recently finished reading your interview on an Italian magazine "Living in country" n. 4-2012
A big hug from Italy to you and your family <3

LilacsNDreams said...

How sweet! Love the country, and adore the possibilities now too..LOL:) Thanks for sharing!:)


Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Ha Ha Ha!! :))))
There you are...what a beautiful smile it's a knock-out! What a brilliant husband Dale is to actually keep a look out for just the 'stuff' that you cherish June, but then you already know that. Did you transport your lovely chair over there too? That was never left there? Nooo.... of course he brought it for you and took the photo Ha Ha!

Big hugs June,
Jane xx

Debora said...

Hi June,
Just found your blog and straight away i got spoiled with this beautiful last post. I love your pictures and all the detail your eye catches. Great to have a little insight (see through) of this neighboring house and it's surroundings :)

LizlovesVintage said...

I LOVE this post!!!
Hope all is well.
xxx Liz

Kathy said...

Your blog is gorgeous! Just had to say - your photographs are marvelous - love that your husband found these wonderfully, rustic objects for you! Amazing view - I have enjoyed my stroll through your blog and am happy to be your newest follower,

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Oh June I loved this witty and fun post! What an amazing structure - there must be some history in those walls(!)

Beautiful open spaces and scenery, I'm guessing in no time at all it will be covered in winter snow.

Lurve the chair and you look simply beautiful!


Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

You are such a happy soul June...I love your blog and am so glad to finally have a little time to catch up on all that I've miss these past months! I sure appreciate all the creativity and energy you put forth to share your blog stories. So fun...so pretty...so uplifting.

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Oh June,

I truly enjoyed this post! Everything is literally just beautiful! I wish I could live somewhere like that - free from all the hustle and bustle of the city (I'm originally from a small town). And you looked so cute in that chair!!! Love your new profile pic, btw - you are beautiful!

Hugs from here,

Anonymous said...

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