Saturday, September 8, 2012

Using up the peonies---

I can hardly believe that I have finally made something new.

My old peony wreath was getting very faded and tired so I decided to make a 
new brighter one for the wall.

The peonies are actually left over from last year and have been in the loft of 
the studio for over a year now.

 The peonies didn't dry well this year because of a rain storm that got them 
before I did, so I am glad I had these left over.
I picked the Annabelle hydrangeas in their green stage for this wreath and I 
like how bright and fresh it looks. 


The reflection was a happy surprise.

A couple of leftovers for the coffee table.

Since I have become such a lazy blogger 
I have missed sharing some of the photos I've 
been taking of the roses and other blooms in the garden.

So if you will indulge me,
I have a few to share
more like a whole bunch!

The Fall roses are always brighter and richer in color
than those that bloom in the heat of Summer.
Maybe it's just the slant of the light we have this time of year that makes it so,
but I love it!

-I couldn't help taking photo after photo of them-

The Morden Blush are blooming again.

Their soft pink is perfect with the turquoise bench.

They are pretty special on the bush too.

More roses along the driveway.

The hydrangeas are blooming finally.

I know my year is later than many of your's,
but better late than never I guess   : -)

Casa Blanca lilies in the living room

and in the garden

I also wanted to post some of the photos I have taken in the garden 
the past two weeks. 

hydrangeas, roses and garden phlox

  My little tool bucket hanging on the tree.

Below are some wide shots of the rest of our place
(that I wish Dale would let me make into garden : )

Most of the garden beds are on the other side of this hedge.

After all the work that I have done this Summer in the garden though,
I think he just might be right!

I really have a hard time sitting down at the computer even to check my 
e-mails these days because it has been such a beautiful Summer.
Soon the weather will turn cold and you won't be able to whip me hard enough to go outside,
and my computer will once again become my best friend.

So hopefully it will be 
bye-bye lazy blogger!