Monday, February 23, 2015

Enjoying the ride

Today I had to make the 60 mile trip to Lowes for lumber and other
necessary shopping, although a couple of bags may not have fallen under that category.

I usually make this trip about four times a month and
the drive is long, but gives me time to think.
  As I drove today I saw cows with newborn calves at their sides and
mama ewes with their new little lambs.
They were jumping and frolicking and
 I could have watched them all day.
Dale watches Landon when I go so I have no worries at all and can
pretty much fly through my list of things to get and do while there.

On the way there I think, and on the way home I sing (loudly)
to the radio.
I think of the best posts to write---but never do,
 I think about to-do lists, my life and how blessed I am.

Love these outings and actually happy I live so far away from civilization :)

a little birdcage found at Joanne's fabrics

 sharing a little bit of spring on the mantle

I also wanted to share some photos I took at the little shack in the woods last summer
when I was getting it ready for a couple of friends to come and have a little picnic.

We have this rickety park bench there that I hope keeps standing for a few more years
because I love how it looks among the aspens.

Makes me want to go see how the little shack made it through the winter.
and the bench!

I hope you all enjoy this last week of February!

Friday, February 13, 2015

With Love!

 Sharing a little Valentine vignette and some roses
from last summer's garden.

a pretty Valentine from a friend

Here is a pretty little bouquet I picked in early summer and
while I don't remember the name of this rose it is one of my favorites.
It blooms the same time as my mock orange and they make a pretty pair.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day from me!!!
I hope your Valentine's includes some pretty flowers, even if
they are a treat to you from you!