Saturday, June 26, 2010

Poppies in the garden...

I thought I would show a few pictures today of the poppies that have started to bloom this week in the
garden. I know I've said this a million times already this Spring...but everything is later than usual here in my garden. I have been a bit impatient, but the poppies are worth the wait.
I like to purchase new varieties of poppies as they come out, because the breeders are coming up with
some gorgeous colors in recent years. I have several different colors here in the garden and would love to share some pictures of them with you.

I know that there are many who read my blog, who are not gardeners and don't get as excited about flowers and viewing them as I do about showing them, so I apologize to you now. Isn't it great when we all have such different ideas of beauty. That's what makes it so great here in Blogland.

When I joined up for Where Blogger's Create, I was torn between showing the garden or showing my studio. The garden is truly where I feel I am the most creative (and it is darned sure where I work my pants off). When we got this property in 1998 it had been a horse pasture. Originally it was part of my grandfather's homestead. My grandfather had died in 1967 and my uncle had the property. His son bought it from him a few years ago and decided to divide it and sell off a couple of lots. He built his house on the adjoining lot and I couldn't ask for a better neighbor (or cousin).

My aunts tell me that this section of the property is where the dairy barn used to sit. Must be why everything is so happy.
I had always dreamed of an English garden, and with the blessing of my husband, started to garden obsessively passionately, planting everything I could get my hands on.

As you can see I got my hands on a lot of poppies!!!

I'm just crazy for them...

In every color I can find...

This one is my favorite and the only un-named one that I have.
 It was in a pot marked assorted poppy mix.

I am always so excited to see her bloom.

The snowball viburnum is also in bloom now. Here it is in it's green stage from about ten days ago.

My bushes are still little. They have only been in a couple of years.
I finally bought some for the garden because I would drive by other yards and see them and wish I had a few. Then they would quit blooming and I would forget about them until the next year when I would see them blooming again for someone else, and on and on it went. Did I ever tell you I have short term memory loss...or in this case is it long term?

Here they are as of today! All white and showy!

As I was going through my pics today deciding what to post, I found some from a few weeks ago that
I didn't get to share because a couple of friends dragged me to Farm Chicks with 'em. I'm still on a high after that show!!! It's like I'm on drugs or something, trying to find out where I'm going to get my new (junking) fix!
Anyone living nearby, you just HAVE to go to that show. (First of all, 'cause I want to meet you in person) and because it was just so great! I will let you in on a little out of the way coffee house that makes the best berry scones I've ever eaten in my life. That alone was worth the eleven hour drive.
Okay, that's a lie...but they were sure good!

Anyway...on to the pictures...

I took this photo when the crab apple by the pasture fence was still in bloom and the lilacs had just opened. Oh cannot believe how wonderful it smelled back there. It even over-rode the smell of fresh horse manure!

This pretty lilac was just opening when I snapped this. It's my favorite lilac in the garden.
Beauty of Moscow

This one is a blue lilac and has a heavenly scent.

President Lincoln

Thank you for hanging in with me today and hanging out in the garden.

This is where I love to create the most.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A little of this, that, and the other for White Wednesday.

Well, I'm afraid you're in for another long post here today, because I have a lovely giveaway win I want to share,
and finish showing you the last of the pictures from Farm Chicks.
But before I do that, I wanted to show you how a couple of the girls are doing.
I chose to show you two that come the closest to fitting in with the White Wednesday theme
for today.

Do you remember them when they were just teeny, and I brought them into the house
for a little portrait sitting? (and they pooped all over everything)

Well...this is Rossie and Harriette now!
Rossie is the one on the left in both photos, and Harriette on the right.

I have to tell ya...Harriette is and always has been my favorite!
I know...I'm a bad  'chick mama'. But she is! She has the 
sweetest temperament AND she is the prettiest.

I will have to show you the other girls another time, but I just had to brag today
 about these two sweet peeps.
Now for the amazing giveaway I won from dearest Cindy at Stitches-N-Stuff.
When this came, it was wrapped so beautifully, and I just knew that it would be special.
You see, Cindy sent me a beautiful gift before and I know what her handiwork is like.

She is an amazing artist with a sewing machine. You can't even imagine what was waiting
 for me wrapped in white tulle and ribbons.

Look at all this beauty...

A wonderful verse about charity folded up and tucked in a tin with lovely white and
creamy buttons.

Wait till you see the beautiful angel soap dish...
you see, angels are very special to me and Cindy knows this!

Now for the handiwork itself.
A beautiful bag sewn up in all my favorite shades of creams and white!

A close-up of this lovely piece of Cindy's heart.

Cindy, I want to thank you for this lovely gift and for being my friend.
I LOVE it ALL and will enjoy my bag as I take it everywhere this Summer
when I go to the flea and farmer's markets.

From farm chick chickens to Farm Chicks the show...
Here are the last of the views I saw when I was at this wonderful event.

Oh I can hardly wait till next year!

I am joining Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday.

Because I am totally out of whites at the moment, I have decided to
to only post for White Wednesday about once a month. I have enjoyed this so much and
it was hard for me to make the decision to do so. I think this will work best for me this Summer and
I hope to be back to regular white posting in the Fall...
because I LOVE white!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where Bloggers Create II...

It's a party!!!!!
Well it's finally here! It's time to see all the wonderful places that we bloggers create. Whether we blog in in it...paint in it...collage in it...or just plain nap in it...a woman needs a place to call her very own. My true creative space is in my garden, but this Spring I was lucky enough to move my studio from the 10x10 room I had in the house, to a little storage shed we had in the back yard. It is so much bigger than I am used to, and as you will see from my pictures, I am a long way from filling it up. I haven't found light fixtures yet, and I haven't gotten all moved in, but I would still love to have you come in and have a look around the place with me.

Thank you Karen at My Desert Cottage for hosting this wonderful event!

I'm not going to do a lot of talking, because I had trouble with loading pictures today, and it is now 1:00 AM and
I'm not very clever at 1 in the morning.
I do hope you enjoy looking around!

On Mother's Day, my 28 year old son surprised me with this cabinet that he built just for my new space.
Of course I love it, and the fact that he made it himself just makes it all the more special.
As you can see it is ginormous...he must think I am a hoarder!
And is crammed full already.

Many of you will see things that I have either bought from you, or won in some wonderful giveaways.
Many, many special things are in here, and I enjoy having them around me while I sew and craft
and sleep.

Look how much ceiling and wall space I still need to clutter up!

Just a tiny fraction of the fabric I have. Much more needs to come in here yet. I
definitely have a problem with fabric. Love the stuff!

This table was my family's table when I was a girl. My parents bought it
in the sixties and I thought we were so rich when they brought it home. It was dark wood
with black wrought iron legs. Very Spanish...and now...not so much.

Notice T.T. Rabbit's bed. He always has to be laying at my feet when I sew.

                                                                   The loft is great for storage.

The girls above the french doors make very good company.

Inside my son's cabinet

Thank you all for stopping by and letting me show off my new studio. Believe me when I say...
it will never be this clean again.

Now for that nap!!!