Monday, July 23, 2012

rose love

I've been wrapped up in blog hopping lately, trying to visit all of the beautiful creative spaces
of women all over the world who joined Karen Valentine's party.

I love the Where Blogger's Create event and look forward to seeing
where so many of you make your beautiful art.

I was going to link my garden blog to the party too, but it was all I could do to get the 
studio in shape for photos. 
It's always such a wreck in there.
But to me that's the fun of having a separate place to create...leaving the mess.

Before I had the studio space I would have to create in different areas of the house.
(mostly the kitchen table or kitchen island)
I would have to gather all my 'stuff' up at the end of the day 
or at meal time and that was such a bother.
(that is---when I used to cook) : )

In my garden is where I really love to create though.

Where I love growing things like these roses in my photos.

I found this old blue kettle at a yard sale one sunny afternoon a few years ago.

We stopped at the home of an old gentleman who's mother had passed away,
and she had many treasures like this kettle. 
When I went up to pay him for my things, he asked me what I was going to do
with the junk.

'Treasures' I said...'they are treasures'.

  Now for some of the roses blooming right now in my garden.
Where I really love to create!

Morden Blush
Annabelle hydrangea 

Guy de Maupassant

Lambert Closse 

I really like the form of the Lambert Closse blossoms.

such a hardy and vigorous rose in my garden

 not to mention---the perfect pink! 

Aunt Honey
with clematis

Adelaide Hoodless
a pretty cherry red and so far it's surviving in the shade.
It's getting scraggly though so
eventually I will have to move it, but that will have to be next year.

my new little Mary Rose

It's one of the many David Austin roses I bought this Spring.
I hope it makes it through our cold, cold Winters.

I love it and all the others I bought and planted this Spring.

For more of the things I love to grow in my 'creative space' you can visit
my garden blog Grace Gardens.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Where I create...

Thank you Karen for hosting another Where Bloggers Create this year.
I am happy to be able to share photos of the studio I have in my backyard.

I love that my son built the huge cupboard for me for a Mother's Day
gift a couple of years ago. 
I covered the front with white burlap and I use it 
as a huge inspiration board that is ever-changing.
On the inside I store all of my fabrics and some
of my supplies.

I usually pin things to it that either inspire me or supplies I have purchased for a
 certain project I want to make soon.
I find that if I have ideas in front of me, I am more likely to actually 
get them made sooner than later.
It's like a 'little nagging board'.

I also pin things that friends have given me or things I 
have found that I just find too pretty to put away like some 
of the trims and laces I find.

 I wish my photos would have turned out better, but it was raining today when I took them. 

 always some magazine clippings

 The loft comes in handy for extra junk. 

This old dresser is my craft table. I like to stand to work on collages
and  many sewing projects and it is the perfect height.
I keep most of my supplies in it's drawers as well.

I just found the old rusty, chippy medicine chest.
It won't be staying here, but will probably hang on one of the walls
to hold more supplies. 

A little of the laces I keep in glass.
I have many. many more jars of the stuff in the cupboards too.

I wonder what I'll do if I ever run out of all the laces I have.
I don't think it is ever going to happen with all the stuff I have stashed over the years.

each basket holds a separate project and all of the supplies to make it
sad, but true


 another cupboard filled with supplies and laces

I like my ladies that hang above the french doors

every tabletop is covered
every drawer is full
every cabinet is crammed to the gills

sometimes this place is chaos and I have to get in and purge


some hearts that need finished before I will let myself start on anything new 

and a pretty little 'faith' charm given to me by a friend
who thinks I can do it  : )

sure looks like chaos to me!!!

 Thank you for stopping by to see where this blogger creates!
Now I'm off to see some more creative spaces