Friday, February 26, 2010

Hi Honey, how was your day? and my favorite teacup...

Mira over at Belle Blanc is having an action giveaway. To win this giveaway, you must post your

favorite teacup before March 2nd. She will pick the picture of the cup she likes the best.

No drawing, just her personal favorite. This will be one giveaway that I won't be winning,

because I've seen ya'll's china before. Mine are just little yard sale finds that I've come across

over the years. Picking a fave was difficult, but this is the one I chose.

It is stamped Made in Germany on the bottom, I hope that makes points for me with Mira.

I love this little cup with it's sweet row of roses around the rim.
Behind the cup are all the little runner's up. My little second choices.

All of them pretty in their own right, but they just couldn't compete with the roses.

So whatta ya think Mira? Isn't she a pretty thing?

Now for the rest of this post I thought I would share how my day went today. I know you
all have days when you wish that you had just stayed in bed. Well, today was one of those days for me.
Once a month I have to go to the doctor for a shot in the rear because my body does not take up B12 the
way everyone else's does. If I get low on B12 I get what is known as pernicious (sp) anemia.
Getting this shot is a pain in the (*&#@), literally. I have to drive 30 miles to my doctor, and when I got there this morning, my order for it had expired and my MD was not there to renew it. It's a nurse who gives me my
shot and because my DR. was not there to order it, he couldn't give it to me. So home I went.

I then thought that I would spend the day painting the trim in the bathroom, something that has been waiting for months.(and months and months) I was standing up on the vanity and washing the trim above the mirror and for some reason I stepped back as if I was on flat ground. I made a lot of noise when I hit the dresser that I had moved to the middle of the floor.
  No I hadn't been drinking... I think I just forgot
 where I was for a minute there.
Wasn't hurt, just stunned that I had done something so stupid and glad that I hadn't got the shot, since it was my rear end that took the brunt of the fall.
I then go to open the paint and since it had been sitting for so long, it was as thick as frosting. I tried to thin it
every way I knew how and use it anyway and ended up making quite the mess. So now my painting is on hold until I can make it to the nearest Home Depot. 
I thought it was a good time to just go take a nap since I was starting to feel the effects of my
graceful dismount from the top of the bathroom vanity, but thought I should go pick up the mail before
I got comfy. I thought my bad luck was behind me until I opened my mail and there it jury summons.

Here's hoping that your day was wonderful. I'm planning on staying in bed tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What I've been making these days...and some giveaway wins!

I have been doing a little sewing these days and making a ton of these little frayed flowers.
The pillow below is one that I made from some white linen that I had in my fabric stash.

I am lovin' making these rosettes and adding them to everything in sight.

This pillow is actually for the bedroom, but the light was better out here so
I snapped some photos of it here and then off to the bedroom it will go.

These little rosettes I made from lace instead of the frayed fabric.
Added a few buttons and sewed up an off-white linen pillow
and added them to it.

The lace pillow shown here with the linen pillow is one that I made before
Christmas and was always going to show it for a White Wednesday,
but never seemed to get it done. It is made with vintage lace that I had
purchased this last Summer while fleaing.
For more beautiful whites on this Wednesday, I invite you to go over to 
Faded Charm for the links to others sharing today.

This is such an awesome publication. It has so many great projects to try.
I love the little paper bag on the front.

This is the article and instructions for the frayed flowers. I can't tell you how many I have made,
but it's a lot. Every little scrap I get my hands on seems to became a flower.

Now, I have some giveaway wins to share
Some time ago I won a giveaway at Andrea's Vintage Bella Studio.
I adore these burlap wrapped candlesticks. Andrea creates the most
beautiful things. I love going over to her place to view her latest
creations. If you haven't seen her beautiful creation in the new Apronology,
you just must!

The roll of stamped tickets are a sweet addition to my studio now.
Thank you so much Andrea, for pulling my name out of the hat.
I am enjoying my lovely wins so much.

My next win came from Tracie at My Petite Maison.
Such beautifully wrapped packages. I love the old key so much,
and the old French postcard with the sentiment written in French
on the back. 

This win was filled with beautiful French inspired goodies.

The Cote Bastide room spray is so yummy.

The lip gloss from Clarins is amazing Tracie! I've been wearing it since it
arrived on Monday. How did you know that I needed this so much. I have a new love.

And this book Paris Patisseries is breathtaking!!!!
Of course just looking through it, put ten pounds on me. The photography
and text is so amazing. I hope you all get the chance to look through this
beautiful book.

Thank you so much Tracie for this wonderful win. I love it all!
You're the best!

My next win was from the One World One Heart event.
I met Lovey (don't you just adore her name) of Fabric Photo Memories,
when she came over and left a sweet comment at my place.
Her art is so beautiful and I was hooked on my first visit to her blog.
She creates with lovely fabrics and vintage photos that take me back in time.
Her artwork just speaks to me. 

Isn't this beautiful?

Such a treasure. It will be a wonderful piece to enjoy everyday Lovey.
Thank you so much for this beautiful piece. I am so glad it was me!

I want to thank all these wonderful girls for their lovely giveaway wins. These
have already added so much beauty to my life. Thank you so much!

Speaking of adding beauty to my life. I want each of you who read and visit this
blog to know what it means for me to share my loves with you all.
This has added such a wonderful aspect to my life. These connections
with you all are so dear.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's coming fast!

Spring, that is.

Then my Snowdrift crabapple will look like this.

The Centurion Crabapple and the President
 Lincoln lilac, like this.

The house will be filled with lilacs, lilacs...

and more lilacs.

In the garden, buds will be bursting.

The Lily of the Valley will fill
the garden with it's scent.

The Bleeding Heart will be laden with blooms.

Poppies of every color.

In every hue that I can squeeze in.

I'm obsessed with poppies.

Speaking of obsessions.

The peonies will then take center stage
in the garden.

I admit that I can't have too many.

They are my favorite Spring blooms.

I use them in so many ways. They mix well
with everything else in the beds.

They are definitely my favorite cut flower.

It's hard to believe that it will be Spring soon
in this part of Idaho. We still have a significant
amount of snow on the ground, but it is
melting fast.

 I can hardly wait to watch things emerge from the
once frozen ground and put on their green
foliage and then burst into bloom.

Ah, sweet Spring!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A most beautiful White Wednesday!!!

(Warning: this post contains many photos and is very wordy. There are a huge amount of superlatives and exclamation points, so for those of you who hate such posts, I will be back to my regular (often also too wordy and photo filled) posts in a few days) Today I am joining Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday, and would like to express my appreciation to her for allowing me to join in the fun today.

I do hope you all have a screen that you can really appreciate the beauty of what I will be sharing with you for this WW. I do my posts on my desktop, because the photos are sharper and I can better choose which of the pictures to select to post. When I view them on the laptop, they definitely aren't as clear and distinct as on the other computer. But I sure love blogging on my laptop better. Sometimes I do go to the desktop to view your beautiful posts though, so I can appreciate your pictures much better. I hope my pictures do justice to the art that I am sharing with you today. 

Today I went to the post office and  I had a package there.
When I saw who it was from, I could not get home fast enough to open it.

The return address was from Vintage Living, and so I knew it was something from the sweet (and may I say, beautiful) Rebecca. She had wrote me a few days ago asking for my address, because she had 'a little something' for me. I knew it would be beautiful, but I was not prepared for what I unwrapped.

Some things defy description, and this is one of those things.

I must just rely on my pictures, to convey the beauty of this object.

This tag was attached to my gift.

-one side of this lovey thing-
It has one of my favorite Bible verses from Psalms on angels interviening
in our lives for good.

-the other side-

This lovely pin was fastened to wonderfully tied up music papers.

I know that this will be a favorite pin to wear on a favorite jacket.

Rebecca has used vintage lace to adorn this heart and then embellished
it with a sweet angel. Look at her beautiful rhinestaone halo. 

Rebecca has signed this piece on the back. It is an amazing creation.
It is not, however 'the gift'. It is a prelude to 'the gift'. It would have been
enough...more than enough...but it was not all.


Would you like to see?
I'll show you, but I will reveal it to you slowly so that you can take in
every gorgeous detail.

Can you see the vintage lace and old rosery?
And what is that picture?

Can you tell what it is yet?

What if I were to sharpen things up a little?

Can you see the vintage millenry?

Just look at the lace and rhinestones that Rebecca used to embellish her artwork!

Just amazingly beautiful...

Oh there is my baby. My angel son many years ago.

Sleeping among the lace and flowers.

From every angle I could manage.


The adornment at the top.

Can you make it out now?

Yes a star...not just any of Rebecca's stars!!!

What a treasure, what a precious gift!

With my sweet son's image on it.

With Rebecca's heart in every stitch.

Rebecca fills these with sawdust for the most wonderful vintage feel.

As you can imagine, I have no words to express my love to Rebecca for
'the gift. I can give her my thanks, but it seems too small, too meager.

But I can give her my appreciation. I can give her my devotion to her art. I can
show her gratitude for her craft. And, I can give her my heart. 

This is how beautiful it came to me.
Angel wings attached to the blossom.

Rebecca is a wife, a mother and grandmother. She has an Etsy, Ebay, and website.  She has a beautiful, real life shop. If you would like to view some amazing beauty, you should see the decorating she did in her shop and home for Christmas!
It gave me goosebumps!
I guess where I am going with this is...that she doesn't have a lot of time, but the other day she evidently
saw the picture of Landon that I posted a couple of days before Valentine's day. I can't believe that she
must have went straight to her studio and made this stunning star, tag, and pin for me. She then lovingly wrapped it and sent it to me. She took time to show me give me a piece of her heart that I will treasure forever.
 Rebecca is all about love. When you go to her blog, it is so evident. The pictuers that she shows of her family there are amazing. I can feel the love she has for them everytime I visit.

Isn't this such a pretty shipping label?

Rebecca, thank you!