Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Even the word Spring makes a smile come to my face.

I love this season of renewal, and even if I am a little behind
many of the places in the world as far the garden goes,
I am patiently waiting to catch up.
No trees leafing...yet
No lilacs blooming...yet
No peonies emerging...yet
But soon!

So I buy the flowers from the market and
plant a little Spring of my own in the house.

Like these beautiful pink tulips

 I have been getting things done here even in the cool temps and sometimes very windy days.
I think my beds are almost ready for the 12 new roses I bought in Boise when I was there two
weeks ago. I have been covering them every night for protection from our still freezing overnight
temps because they were already leafed out.

Many of the beds needed to be widened to accommodate them,
and it is something I have been wanting to do for the past couple of years.
I need to make the beds deeper, and that means I have many plants to move around
so I can add the new roses to the beds.

I don't mind the hard work in the garden even when I ache head to toe by bedtime.
I just keep reminding myself that I am trimming the waistline
and strengthening my ever aging bones!

On days when I can't take the wind, I come inside and do a little spring cleaning.

The other day I cleaned the hutch that holds all my floral china.

This has to be my favorite chore in the house!!!

I love the look of them spread across the table all washed and sitting out to dry.

Then it's back into the hutch they go

In my last post I said that I had enjoyed the Winter and  had spent my time sewing and creating.
Here's just a few things I spent my time making.

A basket of stars I made at Christmastime.

darling little mouse my friend helped me with

new pajama bottoms for Summer nights

tons and tons of squares for patchwork quilts
(these took me many days this Winter to cut out, but now I have enough
for several quilt tops)

This is one of the many I have been sewing together.

 Seeing all of my favorite fabrics sewn up makes me happy
they are finally being put to use.

I am working on one today full of bright patterns and colors
that will work perfectly for the porch this Summer.

I really think I am hooked on quilting now.

Darn it!

Another expensive habit...
just what I needed!