Sunday, August 29, 2010

I must write today of blessings...

Today I feel like writing....
Writing about the blessings in my life and the gratitude that I feel in my heart.
The other day I was speaking with a friend in town, and she was asking me about life with Landon (my son with Angelman Syndrome) and the care that he requires daily. She was wondering things like how long it takes to feed him and get him ready for the day and other personal care issues.  She wanted to know how much he understands, and does he let me know when he needs something? (Landon has no speech and is severely mentally impaired, as most of you know already) She also wanted to know if Landon expresses love and how he expresses it, if able.
This always makes me stop and reflect about this life...
this life I have with my son...
this great blessing...

And today I need to write it.
I needed to write it down.
I needed to be grateful again for this gift I've been given.

When I think back to the time when I was trying to accept this gift (and not doing well at it) the grieving process can be hard...very, very hard)) I remember the days and weeks and months, and yes, even years,
that I lived with the color drained from my life. I was consumed by grief for a time. 
I dwelled on the 'will nots'
 the 'he will never run and play...s', the 'he will never get married and have a family...s'. 
All the things that moms and dads think when they get the news that their child is not like 'other children'

I was able to seek help... and I prayed A LOT!!!

Soon the color started coming back into my life. And this was literal. I had been living life in what seemed to be black and white (more like grey really). It was amazing to me how things took on color and brilliance again. Something that had been missing for a time. Then I started noticing that I smiled more and could actually feel joy again over the smallest things.
Over time I was able to see the blessing...the enormous blessing that I had been given. This child, this very amazing child...who, at almost twenty-four, needs to be fed his food, and have his teeth brushed and his baths and all the other things done for him that I took for granted with my other five children before him.
That by doing these things for him daily,
 that it really is a gift.
That it really is the greatest blessing that I have been given in life.
I don't take things for granted as much as I used to.
 I appreciate more, I love more, and I feel more, than I ever did before.

And yes, I told my friend...
he does express his love for me...
in his eyes,
in his smile,
and in his hugs.
These are my greatest blessings.

and I needed to write them today.


Because of the gift of Landon in my life, I have the opportunity to stay at home and have the time to also plant and care for this garden that brings Landon and the rest of my family joy.
And for this, I am thankful.
I wanted to share the hollyhocks that grow out by the pasture fence.

Thank you to all who visit here.
I want you to know I appreciate it all so much.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A perfect proper English tea...and some sweet gifts...

 My granddaughters were all here this Summer and gathered in the gazebo for a
tea and conversation.

There was quite a lot of tea drinking going on...
(actually orange mango fruit juice)

there was a lot of good conversation...(in an English accent only)...

a lot of bare toes
and dressed in grandma's best old clothes...

Plenty of cakes and sherbet...

There was a lot of sipping...

(look at that proper pinkie placement below)

a lot of eating...

 a lot of smiles...

and lots of laughing...

a little helping...

a lot of reaching across the table

some finger licking

 and a lot of spoon licking as well...
 maybe it wasn't all that proper after all...
but it was perfect in every way...

and in the end...a wonderful, wonderful day!

The End


I have won another lovely giveaway that I would like to share.

I won this set of beautiful napkins from Wanda at Victorian 1885

Wanda lives in Canada and her beautiful blog is a true delight.
I know that if you haven't already met Wanda, you will so enjoy a trip to her blog.

She tucked these beautiful handkerchiefs inside the package as a surprise with 
a lovely card and rose bookmark just for me. 
Thank you so much Wanda, for the lovely win!!! 

The other day, when I went to get my mail at the Post Office, I was surprised by another
gift from a dear blogging friend.
 M at the OC Cottage sent me a just because gift...two issues of 'Ceremony',
the beautiful wedding event magazine.
She knew I would love the flowers and the arrangements
in these amazing publications.

And I have.

Along with this wonderful gesture, was one of her lovely cards and a pink glittered starfish!
 I have three of her beautiful starfish from a giveaway I won awhile ago...
I didn't have a pink one.
now I do!!!

Thank you so much dearest M, for such a lovely thought
and a lovely gift to brighten my days.

Speaking of gifts...

this is what the girls (my cute little hens)
are giving me these days!!!

Landon got the first omelet!

Thank you to all of you who stop by and visit me here. I love it when you come
by and see what I have been up to here in my little corner of the world.
I wish you all a lovely week and will see you all soon!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The August garden...

I would love to show you around the garden today.
 In August, the garden takes on many different
 colors and textures.
It took me a long time to get color to last through the  season here.

In Spring and early Summer the garden would be awash in color, and then
would go through a period of very few blooms at all for a short while.

I've been able to plan better through the years, and now we
enjoy color almost constantly all season long.

Tall garden lilies and roses

Trumpet lilies
(taller than me)

Daylilies and Annabelle hydrangea

The monarda is keeping the bees and butterflies happy.

and giving beautiful color to the August garden.

I love this clematis on the driveway fence...

Love old garden spray nozzels.

Thank you for walking around parts of the garden with me today. 

I so enjoy your company!!!
See you soon...for more blooms.
(and a little garden tea)