Monday, March 28, 2016

In the studio

I wanted to share some snaps around the studio today.
It's spring and I need to do some cleaning and that means
things will get changed up again, so I wanted to post how it looks right now.

some favorite lace pieces

a lovely postcard of a vintage wedding

crystals from an old chandelier I bought at a yard sale that I have yet to
paint and find a place to hang

cluttered shelves of useful (and not so useful) things

A few shots of the inspiration board

jars of lace

more jars of lace

baby bonnet on my favorite blue cabinet

worktable clutter

I started the post with lace so I'll end with lace

Do you want to know the real reason I am cleaning it up in here?
I asked Dale if he would build me some stairs to the loft and he went out to
see what he would need to do and there was so much stuff in the way he just shut
the door and came back into the house.
Notice I didn't take any wide shots?
Too ashamed to share the mess :))))