Sunday, November 4, 2018

Can you believe it's November already? 
I'm in denial and refuse to be convinced that it really is! 

I've been pretty much non-stop this summer and I just want a chance to sit down
enjoy it a little. I really should take a page out of my husband's book and figure out how 
to sit and not feel guilty about all the things still left to do. He calls the 
hammock his office furniture😊
This setting below is more my style as far as a place to relax goes!

~my daughter found this wonderful iron crib for me at a garage sale years ago~

I love the work in the garden, it's just everything else that needs done that makes me feel
like I should be moving all the time. You all know by now that I live 60 miles from any real
shopping, so it's really time consuming for me to be a consumer 😃 My little town's grocery store 
closed 2 years ago and wow, has that made me keep on my toes to see how the gallon of milk in the frig is holding up.

This past March snippets of my garden were featured in Daphne's Diary and I would
love to thank them for including me in this really lovely issue!

The peonies did well in the garden this spring even in spite of the fact that I had to move 20 plus
plants the previous summer. They were not doing well in the beds where they were 
because of the overhead sprinkling and some were in too much shade to bloom well.
They should be back to blooming abundantly by this coming spring!

The three photos below is of a favorite of mine called Raspberry Sundae. I really have
to get another one or two of these.

Love that they have a bit of yellow among those frilly petals

Nothing beats a rusty wheelbarrow with a bucket of peonies

My favorite tall lilies blooming here in the photo below stand shoulder high on me.
I'm 5'1" so I guess that doesn't make them all that tall does it?😆

......and then were roses!


I will miss summer for sure, but it really has been a beautiful Autumn here and I hope to be back soon with some Fall foliage from the garden.

~Hugs from here~