Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Just a little post to share some of the Thanksgiving decor in my house this week.

simple things gathered from around the house and garden

hydrangeas, rose hips, and oak leaves

a few tiny pumpkins in an old chick feeder

orchard ladder in aqua looks so pretty in the garden with the autumn colors

weathered wood from an old corral fence

Goodbye to November and another gorgeous Fall

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

corners in the bedroom

I thought today I would post a few photos of the corners in our bedroom.

It may look a little dreamy in some of these photos...
but let me tell you, it's not dreamy very often :)))

It is my little dumping ground for all things homeless.

The only reason it is cleaned up now is that my sister was just here
visiting and the same boxes of paperwork that were stacked in here last month when she visited
were finally sorted through and put away before she arrived on Friday.
I couldn't have her thinking I'm a pig, now could I???

For the life of me, 
I can't figure out why this room has be the one I clutter up.

I don't have a home office and if I don't keep important tasks in front of me where I can 
 fall over see them daily,
I find fun things to do instead of addressing them.

Okay---enough about my 'slob-ishness'

and back to 'dreamy'

as always---there has to be dried peonies

 and roses

a favorite necklace

on a favorite lampshade

of course-
more peonies


the little shawl is one my daughter got me at an estate sale
love it!

 as for the stack of boxes...
they are finally filed away and neatly stored.
Now------was that so hard???