Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whites, Whites, Whites!!!

I first want to take this opportunity to say that I was so grateful to get
the messages from all of you on my little creations I shared in my last post.

I really appreciate the encouragement that comes from you all who read
 this blog!
You are so loving and thoughtful...
and you rock!!!

This past week has been full of 'have to dos'
I didn't get much time for the 'want to dos'

I did manage to paint some frames and mirrors that I had picked up while thrifting.
The one below has been on the wall for two years. (it was a dingy gold) not a pretty gold))  not like the awesome creamy one I have in the living room))) and every time
I would walk by it, I would imagine it white.
So now it's white!

This is a little corner of the bedroom.

 I didn't make the beautiful coffee filter
pom poms.
 I bought them last year while in Salt Lake City when  I went to see
my daughter.
I've been going to make some...

(they are at the bottom of the 'want to make' list now)

and a cute little cream velvet hat.

In the living room, a plain white chenille pillow bought at a yard sale
gets  a posy.

I have a friend who has a store in a neighboring town called Chic Antiques and she sells
these beautiful taffeta roses.

Just the touch it needed!

I gave this old silk lampshade a face lift with some vintage millinery and lace. 

I'm joining Kathleen from Faded Charm for this week's White Wednesday.

Some of you mentioned that I should consider selling some of the things I make.
My daughters and I used to do the Artist Market in Hailey, Idaho and I sold many of the
things I made then.
 I haven't done it for a few years, but plan to a couple this Summer.
I'm trying to get as many things done now, before the gardening gets crazy.

It would be fun to take part in it again.
We'll see if I get enough done to take part.
I'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Makin' stuff...

The upside of playing helpless and laying low is that I've had plenty of
time to get out into the studio and finish some of the projects that I had going on.
I am feeling a lot better than I am letting on....lest someone (hubs)
thinks I should be cleaning house or something.

What do you think of my muses?
I found these guys in an antique shop last week.

They are sitting just above the sewing machine.

I think I have a crush on the second guy.

I showed it to Dale and confessed my feelings for Mr. Romeo, but reassured
him that I wouldn't be packing my bags and taking off with him,
 because I'm pretty sure he's already dead.

((That last guy in line looks like he's been to the saloon, and stayed a little too long.))

to be truthful, these are what I get my inspiration from.
While I was trying to be good and stay down
I took the opportunity to look through these issues for inspiration.

I am always amazed at the content of the Somerset publications.
So many talented women in the world.

This little iron pot is full of unfinished projects that I haven't made it to yet.

...and the one on the second tier of this little wire table.

...but I did get a good start on the ones that were in this little white box.

Inside were all of these garment tags that I have been saving.

I don't know why, but I just can't throw them away.
They are the perfect beginning for these tags.

So I have enjoyed making these...

and these...

These are little drawstring gift bags I made for Christmas to put my families gifts in.
thank you Suzan for the great idea.

I personalized them with pictures I had taken in the garden and
around the house.
 I hadn't finished the two of these before Christmas, but they are finished now.

At yard sales, I buy every wire lampshade I can find, no matter what condition
the outside covering is in.
I especially like the ones where the wire is rusting or has a nice patina to it.
If the wire is brass or shiny, I wrap it in muslin before embellishing them with vintage
lace and other bits.
I was able to work on several of these this passed week.

The shade below is one I finished in November and have it in my living room.

More wrapped shades to work on this Winter.

I'm still working on this one.
 It will probably get some chandelier crystals and lace. (or something)
I usually am never happy with my first attempt and keep trying until I like them.

If they are covered with old silk I will leave it on, now matter what shape it's in.
You know me...the more tattered the better.

A table full of projects.

This little box is full of sachets waiting to be sewn up and adorned and then filled with
my own home grown lavender from the garden.

hearts all stuffed waiting to be closed up

While writing this, I realized that I really haven't finished anything this week.
Just got a little farther ahead of where I was before.

So, for just a little longer, I need to squeeze more mileage out of this 'down time'. 

What do think....another two weeks?????? 

The house ought to be good and dirty by then!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Getting back to normal...

The bell...

The one used to summon my nursemaid (husband)
since Monday.
Lucky guy...I only rang it once.

I am finally out from under the anesthesia fog and making sense again, so I
thought it would be safe to post again.

Thank you all so much for the well wishes and the thoughts and the prayers.
You will never know how much it has meant to me.

My husband has been the perfect nurse.
I'm so grateful to him.
Speaking of nurses...
I think they are some of the most amazing people I've ever met.
I know that there are probably some that don't deserve the title of nurse,
 but fortunately for me, I've always been blessed to get the good ones.
They are the real medical professional (in my opinion).
Because of Landon's condition, we have spent much of his life in and out
of doctors offices and hospitals. A lot of the time, the one's that got me through it were
the nurses. I have a great respect and love for them and their chosen profession.
I am close to tears right now just typing this, because of the experiences I've had with them.
They haven't even realized what they did for me and will never know the impact they had,
but they will go on giving their service and knowledge to others, without a thought
to the comfort they give.
 Oh that doctors could be so wise and caring!

We've had food brought in by friends and neighbors,
 and many, many offers of help.

The gift of living in a small town.
I never take it for granted.

I am not one to spend much time in bed and so this has gotten old fast. 
 I am feeling so much better than I did, and other than adding to the scars
already on my stomach, will be good as new very soon.
No more bikinis for me...LOL!

(the beautiful soldered ornament is from MJ Ornaments)

I have to show off a gift I received on Christmas Eve from Donna at Everyday Elegance.
Donna and I have been friends for quite awhile now and I love this girl.
I don't think I have ever known anyone who is as hard working as Donna is.
I swear, I get tired just reading her posts.
 She is always on overdrive and runs circles around me.
When in her busy schedule did she have time to make me the most beautiful pillow
I've ever seen????
A short while ago, she made an amazing slipcover for her settee in her cottage.
Everything I love. Linen and ruffles!
If you get the chance to see it, you will fall in love with it.

I honestly couldn't believe this!

She embroidered the saying,
'and our days are spent...
Laughing With Angels'

When I told Donna that I would like to share it here on my blog,
she was hesitant, but after a bit of begging on my part, she gave in.
It is just to beautiful not to show off!

it's amazing to have this made by your own hard working hands.
Thank you so much sweet friend!

Thank you all so much for your concern for my recovery.
I am doing well and taking it very slow and easy. 
I feel so blessed to know you and have you all in my life.