Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Roses, cherries and presents from Austria!

the other day I realized I hadn't even sat in the gazebo this entire Summer.
I decided to remedy that.
I thought I would set up a little tablescape
and maybe even sit in it awhile.

A very little while-
but at least I can now say I have sat in it!

I wish I were different,
 but when I sit very long I think of all the things I should be doing,
 so then I'm up and doing again.
(unless I'm sitting at the computer ;-)

I do admit that this felt good.

Just sitting in the breeze

eating cherries

and enjoying the garden views.

Here are a few I would like to share
with all of you.

Now for the giveaway win.
Coming to me across the Atlantic from Austria. 

 I have been visiting Traude's blog, Rostrose (translated Rose Rust)
for as long as I have had a blog myself.
I so enjoy reading about her life in her beautiful country.

 Traude and I have become good friends and I 
love reading her blog.
She travels to some amazing places. 
Places I would never see if it weren't for her photos.

One thing I love about her is that she has the best sense of humor and 
after reading her posts, I always leave with a smile.

(the little angel on the card she made is her own grandfather as a baby)

I had to unwrap several layers to get to the gift but it was so worth it.
Isn't this fabric pretty?
I think this will end up in one of my quilts and then whenever I see it I will 
think of my sweet friend Traude!

I am really going to enjoy using my coasters with the lovely designs of
William Morris on them.

Thanks Traude, for your lovely letter and many gifts.
I'm sure glad that I was the lucky girl to win them!!!!!!!!!!!!!