Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A few of my 'favorite things'.

I love 'things'.

Many, many 'things'.

Too many 'things',
my husband would say.

I want to preface this by saying that my all time favorite things are not things at all,
but the people and animals and places in my life.

With that said, 
I thought I would share just a few of my 'favorite things' in my home today.

It certainly is no secret that I like my flowers dried as much as fresh.

(meaning my husband :) 
would say I like them too much.

They leave their pretty little petals everywhere and actually make quite a mess.

Another 'favorite thing' of mine are frames. 

What you can't see in these photos are the stashes I keep 
behind doors, dressers and in closets. 

It's scary really. 

Even I think I have too many
for my own good.

Oh, and then there are old books.
too many.
WAY to many!

I am also crazy about the fabric of my bedroom curtains.
They have been up now for over five years and
every morning when I wake up I still smile when I see them hanging there.
I bought the fabric at the store my daughter used to have in Boise and it is a
Moda linen-cotton blend. I have forgotten the name, but I love, love, love it!

Isn't everyone's 'favorite thing' a little ironstone?
Especially with dried hydrangeas.

I could have cabinets and cupboards full of china. 
My favorites are the floral patterns and chintz pieces.

Peonies just make me smile!
Fresh or dried.

One of my new 'favorite things' are the wreaths I made after Christmas.

My shabby blue cabinet full of vintage linens and lace is definitely a 'favorite'.

Stacks of vintage floral china in the dining room is a 'favorite' for sure.
The canvas sitting on the table above is a photo of my drying roses in an
enamel bucket from the fall garden.

More leftovers from the garden.

Another 'favorite' around the house is the Gothic style church window frame
and the iron gate that sits inside it.
I found them years apart at different sales and I love how they
look together. The gate is from a set of three that I brought home
and I have used them all over the house.
At one point we used them around the wood stove to keep
Landon from getting too close to it and getting a bad burn,
so they have been useful as well as pretty.

Today my 'favorite thing' is the lavender sitting on the coffee table.
It's what was left over after taking enough from the stems for sachets I was making.

I took some of my similar white pots and vases and plopped it in.
I really don't like harvesting lavender because it kicks up my allergies, 
so the other night, I had had enough of the sneezing and coughing and decided 
to use it this way. It only bothers me when I handle it, 
so this will do and it looks pretty.

Some very dusty hydrangeas in my 'favorite' blue bucket on my 'favorite'
wire outdoor table that is residing inside for the winter.

My magazine obsession looks like it's taking over the cupboard in the photo above---
another 'favorite thing'!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Valentine for you!

Sending a Valentine out to all my friends who share their time
with me here.

sweet treats from my dear friend and neighbor Sarah

Almost too pretty to eat!

Two of my favorite things.
Sweets and flowers.



Here's hoping you all have a wonderfully-sweet-chocolaty day!