Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a 'real rustic' post

I put these to good use this past week at the annual barn dance!
Dale and I had a great time with neighbors and friends
and danced till my feet couldn't stand anymore.

It got me in the mood to do something a little rustic for this post!

Can you believe it?
This house didn't make the home tour!

 For those who are new to my blog, I live in rural Idaho in the south central part of the state in a town of 500.
no Targets, no Macys, no Burger Kings and no home tours!!!

I wonder if it's distance from town had anything to do with it?

or maybe the interior isn't to everyone's liking.
too shabby chic, do you think???

No front door?
Safety could be the issue
too easy for solicitors to get in!
and with that floor, one would have to have a good home owners insurance
if they did gain entrance!

hmmm...I'm not sure that this chimney would pass inspection.

A little work on the exterior and a new front entrance might just give it a chance though.

Landscaping would be a must.

The house and property does have it's pluses though.
Like it's own fenced in graveyard.
How many houses can say that these days???

It also has it's own natural spring water and bath-house.
Just a little work on the walls and roof and you could be scrubbing away the 
dust from your daily drive before you know it.

I'd move in just for the view!!!!

Oh look---- I did move in.
Dale took these photos for me last month

but I'm not getting off this chair until I get some wall-to-wall in here!

I think the sofa should go over there...and...

...what about a painting on this wall???

Yes, I think this place has potential!

But what a long way to go to get a gallon of milk!
Maybe I'll have to buy a cow.

Staying with the rustic theme here-----
My husband helps a couple of the ranchers in the area when they gather their 
cattle from their summer ranges,
and while riding the other day in a remote area he found an old dumping ground.
When he got home he told me that there was some old rusty stuff out there 
and that he would take me out and show me where it was.
This is some of what I came home with. 
I thought I could use some of the rusty buckets to plant in next season and 
who knows what I will use the old tobacco tins for.

I wanted the old bed springs for those little coil springs on the top. 
I love these things-
tons of ways to use them.

Oh look!!!
Another house that didn't make the tour!

Knock, knock
anybody home???

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sending you roses

I think the Fall roses are always my favorite.

Maybe because I know that I won't have any more until next year,
but I really think it's because they are richer in color and their scents
are stronger this time of year.
They don't fade in Autumn sunlight as they do in the heat of the
summer sun and because of cooler days, the colors are deeper.
It's even hard to believe that some of the roses are actually from the
same plants I cut from in June and July.

 I went out yesterday and cut this bucket full of all of the light pink roses
in the garden. 

Many of them are from my new David Austin roses so they smell
s-o-o-o-o-o good!!!

The garden is starting to dress up in it's Autumn hues finally.
It has been so green here that I wasn't sure it was ever going to turn,
 but every morning when I go out I see more and more evidence of Fall.

You know what I'll be doing for about two weeks once we get our first hard frost.
Cutting back all of the plants and getting it all ready for 
the cold, cold Winter.

I think I believe the saying now,
 'gardening is not for wimps'.

I'm so pooped that I'm not even going to complain that Summer is over.

I will miss pretty little bouquets like this!!!
as you can tell...I love taking pictures of them too

are you sick of my bouquet yet???

I hope not,
because once I finished with
 my little photo-shoot of the bucket-load outside...
I turned it around to the other side and took photos of the roses
in the living room  :-)

I got this rusty little bucket at a yard sale this season.
 The mantle in the background is new from my little excursions this summer too.
In fact,I have found some nice finds that will be showing up little by little 
in different places in the house.

This old ice cream bucket had just the right patina for me and was at the same
yard sale as the little white chippy bucket so it had to come home too.

My friend was selling this piece of what I call cemetery fencing at her yard sale
for ten dollars and I thought it would be great in the garden.
For now however, 
I think it will fill the hole where a fireplace should be.
Let me tell ya...
this is one heavy piece of iron!

I liked the look of this ornate mirror and needed one
(like a hole in my head)
and the price was right, so I will find a place to hang soon.

The old tin 4 foot coat rack was an awesome find. 
I have no idea where it will go,
but it will definitely go somewhere.

The hooks are crooked...and since things like that drive me stark-raving mad,
(and nobody wants to see that)
they will have to be changed out...

...and Dale will most likely have to erect a wall or something for me to hang it on.
but it will hang somewhere.

Then there were those trips to Rebecca's.
You know, that shop that only opens up twice a year, and that I can't stay away
from when she does?

Well there was this pillow, and you know the rest.

and all of this other beautiful 'stuff'.

and more beautiful 'stuff' 
that I knew would make a pretty pile in the bedroom!

I never leave Rebecca's without a bag full of crochet and tatting.

I didn't get anything else photographed before I had to 
hide it from Dale
put it in the shed, 

but really, 
I did find some pretty cool stuff this year at the
few flea markets and little shops and sales I made it to over the summer.

I had a few photos I wanted to share of things around here that I have taken over the past couple
of weeks like this little spent bouquet of roses

 and the swing in the gazebo in the back yard.

Some new hydrangeas in the bathroom.

 and of course,
some views from the garden.

I hope all of you are enjoying a lovely Autumn where ever you are in the world.

sending hugs from here...