Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the smoke has cleared

The fires in my state of Idaho have now all either been put out or are at least
now contained. For about a week I was worried that one of my favorite
little towns in Idaho wouldn't be saved. Hailey is near the town I
live in and is our county seat.
Ketchum and Sun Valley were also in the line of fire, but while some of the canyons
burned, only one house and some outbuildings were lost.

My grandparents lived in Ketchum for many years and are
buried in the cemetery there.
It is the most beautiful cemetery on the side of the very hill they lived on.
I always thought it was neat that they were buried in the same place that Ernest
Hemingway is buried. This area was one of Hemingway's favorite places on earth.
His son Jack always lived in Ketchum and Mariel Hemingway lives here.

This fire has burned some of the most amazing scenery in all of the state, and
we are blessed it didn't take more of it.
Now the fire is out, thanks to some awesome firefighting, and the smoke
has finally cleared.
I'm feeling very grateful.

I wasn't able to work much in the garden for a few days because of the heavy smoke 
in our area, but I did go out to cut roses last week and play with them a little.

We have been so dry this year with very little rain and heat like we have never had.
A little hard to keep everything wet, but still things have done well.

I love all these pastel-y colors together. 
The blue you see out the window is my bench on the front porch.
I'm sure glad it was there. 
Isn't it odd that sometimes you can be so focused on something 
that you never notice the obvious?
I don't remember seeing it while I was snapping away.

and Edsel has the right idea! 

moss roses

This planter of moss roses never had a chance.

Edsel claimed it as his and who am I to say otherwise!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mornings in the garden and a few studio shots.

I stepped out the front door a few mornings ago and took this shot of the early morning light in the one
of the beds in the garden.

I walked around to the back garden and took a few more
photos of a tiny little garden I have out the side of the studio.

I love these double oriental lilies that are blooming now.
They perfume the entire space.

because they are in shade they last much longer than the Stargazers I have blooming
in many other beds in the garden

garden phlox

Under the pergola out the front door in the mornings is one of my favorite places.
I love to come out and listen to the chatter of the birds and watch much of the activity
going on, like the robins hopping across the lawn searching for their breakfast.

I am going to be rearranging the studio again so I thought I would show a few shots of
it before I tear it all up and redo it.

I love fabric!!!
My love for fabric is the whole reason I have to redo everything in here.
I have to try to fit in another large cabinet to hold more of it  : ))))

and it will have to go here in this corner

a cabinet of laces

I actually love rearranging in here because then I can see and remember everything 
I have that I forgot I had.

It is so hard to get good photos in here because of low light but this gives you an idea of what
it looks like and who knows what it will look like for several days before it gets back to order.

I love my little buggy wheels and this photo is my favorite of my mom
when she was a little girl.

When and if I restore any order and semblance of normalcy I will share photos.
The way I go about things though it could be awhile. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I'm a lace kind of girl

Yes, I like lace!

oozy-goozy, frothy-frilly, drippy-dangly lace!

anything adorned with lace gets my attention

whether it's a doily, hankie, tablecloth, bedspread, curtain...
I think I've made my point


piles of doilies from some shopping trips this summer

and paired with flowers fresh or dried makes it even better

I'm always adding to my collection and constantly on the look out for
beautiful pieces.
Summer fleas are  perfect places to find them and I've been taking in a few.

beautiful ballerina ornament made by Martha

a little tatted collar I bought from an Etsy site that I plan on wearing 
over a simple white t-shirt.

a Jeanne d' Arc scarf

tablecloth turned bedspread

a pile of lace tablecloths and place mats I bought from my
favorite local shop Rebecca's

 I'm a frilly girl through and through and I love my lace!!!