Monday, September 26, 2011

Outdoor living

One of the pleasures of Summer and Fall here at our house is the 
enjoyment Dale and Landon and I get from our front patio that is covered by a large pergola.
Most of the day this space is shaded by the large trees in the front garden, so it
is a pleasant place to be almost any time of the day.

We use this space every single day. 
This is where we welcome company, eat some of our meals, rest at the end of a busy day
or just sit and watch the grass grow.

Somehow, food just tastes better out here,
the breeze seems more soothing,
 the time passes slower
and life just seems richer.

With Fall coming soon, we will still have many, many days to enjoys this little 
place of solitude.

I bought this turquoise bench last week, and while it will most likely live in the house most of the time,
it sure looks pretty out here.

Yesterday I sewed up some new pillows and loved the bright
pink with the color of the bench. 

I'm on a roll with the pillow making right now and have three more to sew on today.
I love, love, love sewing up pillows.
Never can have too many! 

 Little chippy chair I stole from my mom.

Hi there mom!
(now you now the rest of the story)

 Fall roses in the new basket my sweet neighbor Sarah gave me last week.

I am awful at making photo collages, but here is one I did Sunday.
Took me all day :-)
maybe with more practice I will get the hang of it.
(and then again, maybe not)

It kind of sums up life here in the Summer and Fall.

 Such beautiful days here.
The calendar says it's Fall  but I think we are having the Summer we should have
 had late June and early July.
I'll take it!!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Summer fun

Here kitty, kitty!

One day a couple of weeks ago, we looked across the front garden and saw this.

I bet we have had some thirsty, dirty birds around here.

Jackson seems to think this is a great way to beat the heat.

It was very hot on this particular day, 
so he can't be blamed for finding the coolest place in the garden.

I do have three other bird baths.

So I believe the birds will survive.

This past week my sisters came to my house for a sister's getaway.
We decided to go camping and stay up Fishcreek at my tiny
shack (or cabin) in the woods.
Dale took our camper and set it up next to it and I arranged a little
'livingroom' outside between the two of them.

The drop cloths I bought at Home Depot were great to make ourselves a
place to walk and keep a little cleaner.

We had a table on the deck to play cards on and eat at.

Plenty of magazines to leaf through when and if we got bored, which we never did.
The three of us have such a great time when we get together.

It was great to just lay back and enjoy our time together.

The camper made it very convenient to make our meals and take our potty breaks.

My sisters took the beds in the camper and I took the only bed in the cabin.

Here is the quilt that I mentioned in my last post that my friend made the top from
 the fabrics in my stash.

It turned out beautifully and I love it!
I think I just may be hooked on quilt making now.

I sewed up some simple slip covers for the benches around the table and had many throws
close by for the cool nights and cold mornings.

Have you ever wondered who designs the interiors of campers?

Do they have to be so -  so  -

Took a few pretty dishes for our meals.

I had recovered the window treatments with muslin.

I used a rubber stamp for the lettering on the muslin.

Clipped some things to the pleats to make it personal.

A little lacking in creativity...but homey.

One of my favorite family snapshots taken on Thanksgiving one year.

Oh the styles of the eighties...makes me laugh!
I'm on the far left with the way over-sized long white sweater and leggings.
Well at least I was comfortable!!!

That's it for the camper.

In the cabin,
 not much has changed since I showed pictures of it here last year.

In the evening this is where we spent most of our time.
The bugs couldn't get at us in here.

I love this place!!!

It is such a cozy little space.
Only 12' X 16'.
About the size of most bedrooms and crammed with 'stuff'.

We didn't use the TV, but I like to have it up here for me when I spend the night once in awhile.

I don't get TV reception here and use it only to play DVD's.

We had a family camping trip here in July, and it was so fun to look in the windows and see all of the grandchildren crammed in here watching Finding Neverland just before bed.

My sister's and I have decided we have to do this more than just once a year, that's for sure.

In late July we had family for the weekend and Trigger got a work-out.
I thought I would share some of the photos I took.

The first day the children rode him here in the yard.

 This is Ellis, my six year old grandson having his turn.

Look at his darling ears under his hat.
So funny!

 Maddie waiting for her turn.

My little granddaughter Lorin leading Maddie on the pony.

The littlest one, Ella taking her turn in her diaper.

Just call her Lady Godiva.

This was taken the next day while we were camping up Fishcreek.
This is what she looks like riding the pony WITH clothes on. Her sister Briana  leading her.

Maddie leading one of the Matthews.

Brooke having her turn.

Ellis back in the saddle again.

 Best of friends.

Ellis taking the other Matthew (his brother) for a ride.

Allena on Molly.
Some of our grandchildren are a little old to be riding a pony,
so Molly is a perfect ride.

I think Trigger will be so glad to have this weekend behind him.

Back home.
 Jeans washed.
Kids bathed.

And Trigger back in the pasture happily munching away.

This is what I have been doing these past weeks.
This IS why I love Summer!