Friday, July 10, 2009

Some new garden pictures...and I've been tagged.

Through one of my arbors.

The Japanese tree lilac in bloom.

Delphinium and roses.

I have been tagged by Keke at I am to tell ten things that you probably don't already know about me and then tag ten others. Don't feel that you have to play if I tag you, but if you would like to, then by all means.

1. My husband and I were high school sweethearts and we have been married for 37 years.

2. I love being a mom, but I REALLY love being a grandmother.

3. I don't like my husband's job. I never really have, but the older I get, the more I dislike him being a police officer. The world is a different place than when he started 24 years ago. I'm glad that he has a job, but will be very happy when he retires.

4. I don't leave Landon for more than one night at a time. I worry about him the whole time I am away from him, so I find that a one night break is plenty for me.

5. I have killed two rattlesnakes in my life and I hope that it never becomes three times. One of these times was while I was hiking, by myself, in the middle of nowhere. I took a step and quickly realized that I had stepped right on a snake. I dreaded looking down for fear that it was a rattler and even was bracing for the bite, no matter what kind of a snake it was. As I feared, it was a rattlesnake and luckily I had stepped on him about four inches or so down from his head. So I took my other foot and 'stomped the soup out of him' as my husband would say. I can tell you that I've never been so scared and I've never gone hiking alone again.

6. Are you bored stiff yet? OK, then here goes the rest. I go shopping in the closest big town once a week whether I need anything or not. It's my sanity time and I enjoy it very much even though it is a 60 mile drive, one way.

7. My husband does part-time security at the home of a famous couple. He has been there for 15 years and enjoys it very much. They are very good to him and all their security people. I can't post their names because of a privacy clause in the contract and I would hate a Google search to come back to this blog, but her most famous movie was probably 'Ghost' and the one I liked best of his was 'The Sixth Sense'.
8. My husband and I used to teach western swing dancing.

9. I love to mow my lawn. Not with a ride around, but a push mower. It gives me a chance to think without any interruptions. It is as calming as yoga to me.

10. I laugh at myself all the time and try not to take life too seriously. Humor is very important to me and if you really knew me you might think I'm funny.

I have tagged


Anonymous said...

We had law enforcement in our family as well & it is a worrisome walk each day when they leave until they come home. I feel for you.

Love your arbors!

I don't do snakes either. Period.

I have to get out as well and go to my local jaunts just to get out. I could have a quarter in my pocket for a phone call but I still go. It's me time that I thoroughly enjoy.

37 years and you still look so young. Blessed you are!

Rebecca said...

June, your garden is wonderful! Where do you live again? Looks like heaven...without the snakes. I guess you get snakes with a longer growing season.
My brother in law was a police officer in Chicago for 24 years. He is retired now. He's got some stories.
Take care

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Snakes, police officers, push lawn mowers...totally scary to me! However your number 7 is sooo cool!!! So does that make you famous if your husband works for famous people? And if so, am I famous too for blogging with you? Yay! This is SO exciting June! I've been gone for a week and how happy I am to come back and learn all this stuff about you...& know "we" are famous to boot!
I l-o-v-e me some D.M & names from me...I'm keeping it quiet! :)
everything vintage

Stephenie said...

Your garden is just stunning...What BEAUTIFUL flower and your pictures are just amazing...I loved reading more little tidbit about you...Swing dancing that would've been so much fun...

Anonymous said...

Oh girl you knew i'd be on this one... hehhe

Yes push mowing walking behind the mower... that is the most valuable time between me and thee to sort out what might be spinning in my head from the week before or ahead. Now I say my prayers all through the day... but on mow day, there is just something going on between me & thee that is unexplainable. I cherish the mow time.

When I was in the army down in Ft. Jackson I was out on bivwac and during rifle training we were low crawling on the ground. I hear this... sssss but not like a rattle... very quiet... I see it... a diamond head... oh my.... now a girl from new england doesn't generally run into such snakes. I'm solid under pressure, no fear til it's over. My DI says to me, "private, don't move, don't breath, don't blink." Then in the blink of an eye, down comes the shovel and the snake is um... okay i'll just say.. stuck on the shovel. You could certainly say, I don't like snakes.

Laughter... I have to laugh. People I hang with day to day, they have to have good senses of humor. It's a must. Life is serious enough without the moments being stolen too!

Awww high school sweethearts. That is so sweet!

I have law enforcement in my family as well. It is HIGHLY stressful to them go out the door for the job. God is good though and that is what we keep in mind. When they come home, thankfullness and hugs.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah... your garden is gorgeous Ms.Junebug!! Love your arbor.

Pink Princess said...

LOVE your garden too. I will play along, but it will take me some time to think of 10 things
y´all don´t know about me yet, lol. I am sort of an `closed` person but will give it some deep thought.

Love ya!!

Hugs from Marian

Brigitta said...

Ooooh June, your garden is sooo beautiful, it's like a little garden of Eden, absolutely gorgeous. And so nice to learn more about you.

Have a great weekend.

Debby said...

Hi June, your garden is just gorgeous, so many beauties in there.

Carolyn said...

You got some great shots in your garden-it is beautiful!
i enjoyed the interesting little tidbits about you too.
Enjoy your weekend,

Anonymous said...

Morning My Friend!
I will take your tag & I am glad you thought enough of me to name me!! BUT .. I will probably do it in a couple of days!! Thank You!!
I know what you mean about the fear of your Hubby's job. I hate winter as DH is a trucker & his main runs are in upper NYS. No one has winter like points north just short of Canada.
I just say a prayer, hug him tight, tell him I love him & go on with my day...
Have a Great Day!
p.s. Oh Yes, I think your gardens are spectacular!!

Unknown said...

oh my.....those pictures are so wonderful. That first one of that rose is breathtaking. And the one with the gorgeous delphinium and I bet you were scared when you killed that snake....I don't know what I would have done.

blushing rose said...

June, your gardens are exquisite. We are getting ready to put in an arbor, I am so excited about it. Such beauty realms ...

Congrats on your award. Who could deserve it more.

Snakes ... not me! Last year while in garden watering I heard a rustle coming up on my left side. No wind, no breeze ... hmmm. Looked down & there was a snake about 2" from my foot. I think we BOTH SCARED one another, but I know I about had a flipping heart attack. I froze, he moved on.

Before I got sick I loved mowing the lawn with a push mower, but even after we had to buy a riding one ... it is my time with God, nature & myself ... the peace I have I don't have to share & love every single moment of harmony with God.

May your DH be forever blessed & the hand of God be on his shoulder. I can certainly understand the concerns you have as he walks out the door daily.

TTFN ~ Marydon

The Victorian Parlor said...


The gardens are gorgeous!!! I always look forward to seeing the new pictures of the colorful blooms:).

I too enjoy cutting the grass with a push mower. It's a good workout and gives me time to think. As for the shopping-being a recovering shopaholic I am trying to LIMIT my shopping sprees to only once a week-lol!

This was a fun post! Thanks for sharing ten things about you!



Ana said...

Hi June,
Wow, what a great idea...the tag. I just got to know you a little bit better. And I'll tell you what I've learned. You're a loving, caring, brave, hard working, active woman with a great sense of humor. I'm happy to know you.

Blessings and a great big hug,
♥Ana~A Petite Cottage

Paula said...

Dear June,

I LOVED seeing your gorgeous flowers and learning 10 things about you sweet one!

Your garden is simply incredible. It is truly a charming English Cottage garden! I have dreams of my garden looking like yours. We have lived at our little spot in the country for almost 3 years and we have added a lot of flowers to it, but it needs so much more! Unfortunately it has been in the 100's with the heat index at 105, so I have had to neglect my garden. My dear husband keeps it watered for me, bless his heart! In the autumn we will clean it up and plant more flowers, and maybe one day it will be as lovely as yours. I am optimistic! :)

I enjoyed getting to know you better through the 10 things about you. I really feel for you with your dear husband being a police officer. I know God will protect him and keep him safe!!!!

You are such a wonderful mom and grandmother!!! Your family is so blessed to have you!!! Landon sounds like a sweetie!!! You were brave to kill that snake. We have a bayou behind our home, and have seen Water Moccasin's swimming, but thankfully none in our yard! Dear June, you could not be boring! I am glad you make your weekly trip to town. My sweet husband takes me to town every two weeks for shopping, and he always takes me to the antique store, my favorite place to go. It is so relaxing and fun!

I am glad you enjoy mowing. I love my time in the garden, I always feel such peace and so close to the Lord. How wonderful you laugh at yourself. I need to learn to do that better!

I hope you have a lovely weekend! Thanks for sharing!

Love, Paula

Rebecca said...

June, I didn't know they had rattlers in Idaho. I have a lot of complaints about Chicago but no smakes here at least ones that strike! My sister in Az has them and I did run into a 6 footer going up the drive way, I let him go first :)
Have a great weekend!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh those pictures of your gardens are LUSCIOUS! I guess it was worth the wait through that loooooong winter. What a treat to take a peek.

I so enjoyed learning more about you. I, too, stick close to home even though the needs exhaust me at times (that's what my gardens and that gigantic bubbly tub are for -- aaaah sweet respite).

Always a delight to come to visit with you. You've inspired me -- I'm off to my gardens. Snakes AWAY! (Though I do live in rattler country, I've NEVER seen one -- Praise the Lord!)

Yvonne said...

What a wonderful garden you have June
such beautiful flowers make me very happy !
Greetings Yvon

Connie said...

What a gorgeous garden, sugar. I dream of mine looking like that a bit someday but since it's only a 4 year old yard it'll take us a while to get it even "nice" with this clay dirt! What's the biggest town near you? For me it's Boise but I don't go very often as I'm not fond of shopping much. I understand about hubby's job since mine is retired Marine!

Paula said...

Hi sweet June,

I just found your comment, and you made my day!!! Thank you so much for taking time to visit me and leave such a kind note! I always enjoy my visits with you. I so look forward to us getting to know each other better! Your garden and home are so beautiful and you are so beautiful! I am so glad you like my banner. I love to make little vignettes like that. I love your banner too, it is so gorgeous!

Oh, how wonderful you love Emma, too! I loved them both (the one with Kate B. and the one with Gwyneth P.), but I do believe the one with Gwyneth is my favorite. I just love that you named one of your horses Mr. Knightly! I am sure he is quite the gentleman!

Thank you again for your sweet note, you blessed me so much!


Lori said...

June, your garden is so must be so nice to see the results from all of your obvious hard work there...i can tell that a whole lot of effort and planning went into creating your own little really is just lovely!!!

lorhen82 said...

June, what a wonderful garden you have!!! But I'm not even going to tell you how bad the shivers are that I got from your rattlesnake story...eeewwwwww!!!! I'm not sure I'd ever venture out again if I were you! ~Lori

sweetpea said...

June, you are one of the most interesting women I have "met" through blogging. I am in awe of your gardens, wish you were next door to stomp the soup out of my snakes (non-poisonous) and have you met the "mystery" couple in person?