Wednesday, November 3, 2010

White Wednesday!

I mentioned in my last post that my daughter Ember had been here to visit.
Having her here was such a good time, even though her visit was V-E-R-Y short.
She was only able to be here two days.

We had planned to paint the shack...or as it has lovingly been renamed...
la Cabene.
thank you Suzan!

One of the things having her here accomplished, was to get a few things out and 
work on a project or two. 

I worked on a wreath made with pink and white peonies I had dried from the garden.
(I'll show you that one next time because it is pink with green hydrangeas...not white)

It lit a little fire under me and so when I got that one done,
 I kept going and made this simple one from a few of the white
peonies I had on hand.

Thanks Em, for your company and help. We had a great time.
Anytime spent with my daughters is a great time!!! 

I have it hanging in the reading room on an old porch railing I bought at a yard sale
some years ago.

In the background, you can see the old column I bought at the Farm Chicks
 show this past Spring.

The mirror below is the mirror that I bought at Farm Chicks also.
 I showed it in a previous post after I got it home.

It has got to be one of my favorite finds of the day.

In it's reflection, you can see the living room has some new whites in it too.
Can you make out the arched church window frame near the front door?

Here's a little better view of it.
I found it this Labor Day at the shop Rebecca's.

I have shown pictures of her shop here before. She is only open on Fourth of July
and Labor Day weekends.

I bought it with plans to put it in the garden, but placed it here for now.
It will decay pretty fast in the garden, so I may rethink putting it
out there.

Here is a close-up of the pillow my daughter Season made from
a ruffled blouse that she found at a thrift shop.

I just adore this pillow!!!

I had a slipcover made for one of my favorite chairs. It used to be covered in
a blue slipcover that I had sewn for it several years ago. My slipcover was not what
I would consider a great job, but it worked while I decided what
I wanted to do with the chair.

I found a picture in the Wisteria catalogue of a chair and settee with a cover
that had the size of ruffle I wanted and took it to the woman I've had do some 
other pieces for me and she
did a wonderful job with the slipcover.

This chair is so comfy with it's down cushions and deep seat.
It will be perfect for browsing through my decorating books and 
stash of magazines on those long Winter days.

I decided I liked it here in the reading room in front of the window that looks
over the garden. 
I painted the the wide pine plank floors white a number of weeks ago.
The room is much brighter and cheerier now. It seemed 
so dark when the floor boards were stained.
I found myself avoiding this room and using it as a dumping ground
for things. Brightening it up  will give it the lift it needed.

This is where the grandchildren hang out when they visit.
So, when my daughter's little boy came the other day,
he walked in and said,"Oh this room is so beautiful".

I guess that means I made the right choice to paint the floors!!!

Sorry I can't show you the rest of the room.

It isn't up to taking pictures of today. And I really needed to get this post up
for White Wednesday.
I am joining those that have added their links to Faded Charm's long list
of whites today.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!


The French Bear said...

June, what a pleasure to be able to spend time with your daughter, I love to spend time with mine. The precious moments creating and making memories is so wonderful!! I love your white wreath and especially the dried hydrangeas...beautiful!
I have some chairs I want to slip cover, your chair has inspired me!!! It will be next on the to do list!!!
Margaret B

Karen said...

Love you wreaths! And it looks fabulous on the rail! I hope I get to come to Farm Chicks next year!
You haev given me the itch to make a skipcover - although I'm just not that good with a sewing machine . . . I might give something like this a try. I have a wonderful loveseat in my ssudio that is so comfy, but would dearly love to have a new slipcover on it. Hmmm.

Have a wonderful day! Hugs! Karen

Alaina said...

June, beautiful as always. I love the little ruffles on the slipcovers. Oh and I am now on the look out for white shirts after seeing that pillow, I usually make them out of sweaters but that is just adorable. I was wondering, I saw a iron gate in the room, well some of it and I was curious what you did with it. You know we love to see more peaks into your beautiful home. Glad to hear you had a wonderful visit with your daughter and the wreath is beautiful as always. Have a wonderful week.

@nne said...

oh, it all looks wonderful! have a nice evening, @nne

Diane said...

Your post is spectacular as usual! Those little ruffles just give that chair something special, and I love the Gothic window, I don't blame you for snatching it up. Your wreath is beautiful, too. I'm glad you got to spend time with your daughter, that's always wonderful, she must be like you - that cushion is wonderful. Diane

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

It looks beautiful. Love the church window.

Unknown said...

...hey June!!
((does anyone else hear the Beatles??)) LOL!! Lame, I know...
anyhoo ~ Please tell me, is there ANYTHING in your home that simply isn't jaw droppingly GORGEOUS????

lovely, Lovely, LOVELY!!
xo, Rosemary

Sandi said...

So glad to see your post June! I adore all your photos and that pillow is just gorgeous!! LOVE IT ALL!

Unknown said...

G'day, June ~ Oh, I'd never let that church out the door, it is spectacular! And that fence rail, was it pink when you bought it ... & the wreath is awesome! But more than all the beauty you display in your home or of the crafts you create or the florals you grow ... the serenity of YOU shines thru it all ...

Such peace & elegance, June.

You'll enjoy my 'white' today ...

One day there will be a 'ding-dong, I have a special delivery for June' ...

Have a beautiful day ~
TTFN~ Hugs, Marydon

PS Check on Saturday for our weekly November giveaways ~

Ann Marie said...

I love the slipcover and the white planks! Very pretty indeed!!

So... question.
Do all of your children adore whites and Vintage/Antiques the same?

~ And how do you keep white/white with a farm and grandchildren?

Hope you have a good week!

Victorian1885 said...

Good morning Sweet June
Your Wreath is amazing! The new slipcover suits your reading chair perfectly..I bought a how to book on making slipcovers but have not had the courage to start one!
What a beautiful name for your daughter..Season..I am sure she is as lovely as her Mother.
Have a wonderful week my friend!

LiLi M. said...

This post is soo beautiful again June, as always. You have such a romantic home. That wreath is beautiful and the 'arch' window too. I have an old cupboard in my garden which is fun, but it decays while your looking at it. I love that window inside too, so you might have to reconsider or put it in the garden in summertime only and take it inside for the winter. To us it doesn't make any difference, as it can be very wet here in summer too. Love that cushion, I can see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as we always say. In other words your daughter (I guess I can say daughters) have inherited your creative genius. Have a lovely week June! Hugs LiLi

oldgreymare said...

oh dear..coveting that ruffled covered chair and the arch....

I have now saved the pic of YOUR chair to show an upholsterer. heehee

Happy WW



Kate said...

What a heart warming post, everything is simply so elegant and gorgeous. I LOVE the arch, and that slip covered chair is stunning. So happy I stopped by to enjoy your beauty.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

JUNE. Please. Please tell me that you would make me a slipcover! I WILL PAY YOU! Oh dear, I am being so bold here, but DO YOU KNOW HOW MAGNIFICENT THIS IS? WAIT....I am really being pushy here, but this is unbelievably beautiful...let me know? Anita

I WILL PAY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But of course...what a maroon I am!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Your wreath is just beautiful, June! What kind of branches did you use for the base? I love the delicate look.
All the architectual elements you have added to your reading room are awesome and the pillow your daughter made is very pretty! What a cool idea to use the button facing as an decorative detail. I have to keep that in mind and will watch out for a lovely ruffled blouse :-).
Your chair looks very comfy and the slip cover is beautiful. A perfect place to browse through some lovely books.
Have a wonderful Wednesday too!
Big HUGS to you,

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Gorgeous as always. Love your wreath and that slipcover is wonderful. So glad your daughter came to visit and y'all had a great time. Have a wonderful week.


Dorthe said...

June, what a beautifull white wednesday, you "gives" us,here.
So many elegant detaiels- the pillow so lovely, and your wreats is gorgeus,dear.
So good to have our daughters home for a visit, now and then,yes-good you had a wonderfull week-end with yours.

Unknown said...

I love your beautiful repurposed pillow, and your white chairs the slip cover is very nice, I should make one for my sofa but I keep procrastinating as it is such a big job.

Blondie's Journal said...

I am loving everything in your post, June...the pretty wreath, the rail the arch, the gorgeous slip covered chair and the painted floor. I think hubby would keel over if I painted the floor! But it is on my dream list!

I'm so glad that you got to have some time with your daughter, each time one of mine walk thru the door I want to eat them up!

Happy Wednesday, my friend!


The Rustic Victorian said...

Absoultly fabulously fantastic Post! Im serious!

Anonymous said...

Hi June, I'm in heaven looking at your pictures!!Your slipcovers are so gorgeous that i'm drooling!! I just love everything you have. The pillow your daughter made is wonderful with all those cute ruffles.I'm so enjoying this visit.


Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Oh, June ~ You always have the Best Photos.... Love the Pillow of the Ruffled Shirt your Daughter made & the Slip cover is Perfect ~ I have an old chair that is green velvet about 45 years old that I would love to cover like that~ Thanks for stopping by & also for sharing your Pretties! Can't wait to see the Pink Wreath.....

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Everything in every picture is absolutely gorgeous. I want to either shop with you, have you make me a slip cover, or just have you decorate my place. How much would you charge to come to Texas :) I do love it all!

hilary@oldhousetruelove said...

that chair is to die for! ;)

Faye said...

I didn’t know you could dry peonies! Can you just hang them up to dry? They are beautiful! I love the pillow, your chair and the large architectural piece. I saw 2 large church windows that were similar years ago and to this day I still kick myself for not buying at least one of them. Your blog is beautiful and your roses are stunning. So glad you left a comment on mine so that I found your blog. I am your newest follower!


LizlovesVintage said...

I love all the pics for White Wed.I was thinking of making a wreath also, but the dried Sunflower didn't work in my favor. Oh, well! Hugs, Liz

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

teeeeheeee! I was so enchanted with the photos I had overlooked that you had said that you had that slipcover made....ANYHOW, would your lady make one for a blogger as myself? Let me know, IT IS GORGEOUS!!! And thank you for your kind nice....God bless you today and always, June!! Anita

time worn interiors said...

Oh! Everything looks wonderful! Love, love, love the chair! The slipcover is amazing! Love the wreath as well!

Monica said...

Oooohhh!! I love everything in this post, June!!!!

Claudia said...

Okay, June, pick me up off the floor. Please. I love the mirror (I'm looking for one for over our piano) I love, love the arched window and the slipcover is drop dead gorgeous! You really have the most wonderful taste, my friend. Can I over come over and sip some tea?


Claudia said...

Oh, I forgot, your wreaths are beautiful!


Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

JUNE!! Your home is just jaw dropping gorgeous! I love your chair, the pillows and the architectural arch! All of it is Magnif!!

Someone left me a comment telling me to check out your slipcovered pillow on your blog because I had posted a pillow too.. it truly is just beautiful and from a bouse! wow!

xoxo Heather

Julie Marie said...

Hello June... I love all of your whites, beautiful, as always... how fun your daughter came for a visit and you were able to make some fun things... I love, love love your white wreath!... and the pillow your daughter made is so pretty... Also, your arched window frame is fantastic, and I would leave it right where it is!... I also love seeing the picture on the wall in the background of you and Landon when he was first born... precious!... xoxo Julie Marie

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

I'm dying over here, thanks to you June, your slipcover is luscious.... you did a fabulous job with the ruffles and everything else. I love that chair and the pillow in fact I'm going to do a post with tops making lampshade covers out of them. Your daughter did a wonderful job using a ruffle top. It's amazing what we have in our closets what we can do with them besides wearing them that's if you want to part with them. I think we need to reconsider if your thinking of throwing or giving away anything without giving it much thought.

I'm glad you had a good time with your daughter getting things done and the wreath is darling and so is your place for that matter. It was a joy seeing a wonderful post for White Wednesday... just gorgeous!

Sending Lots of Hugs*

Unknown said...

your daughter appears to be as creative as her mother and i am loving that church window! Don't you dare put it outside to rot! Happy WW!

Custom Comforts said...

I love your church window frame and the pillow made out of the blouse. How creative and sweet! So glad you could spend some precious time with your daughter.

Deb said...

Such a gorgeous room June! I love your wreath design & the pillow your daughter made ~ the slipcovered chair & all the architectural details ... perfect ♥ said...

Hello my friend, thank you for you comment on my blog. It always makes me smile.

Everything you touch, girl, turn to magic. Love the wreaths and the beginning of the room. Can't wait to watch the reach. I am going to re-do my family room this winter. I want it whites. I wish you come visit your daughter so we could go shopping.

big hugs
cindy@stitches said...

Sorry June, I just looked back at my comment, wow, my spelling is bad.


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi June,
Oh so much beauty and loveliness in this post. I love the way you created the dried hydrangea wreath, very pretty. The architectural pieces are perfect for your home and I love the big cushy chair. Love the ruffles on the slipcover.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed time with your daughter.


Wendy & Megan Chamberlain said...

Amazing pictures as always. Love all the white and the church window is really awesome, seems to set the scene. The dried peonies are interesting, may I ask how you dry them to keep their shape. My poor plant only had 3 flowers this year, hopefully next summer it will do better!

kelli said...

Hello June,
Love your wreaths. And love your chairs. And your white floor. And especially your arch! Everything looks so beautiful!

Anne Lorys said...

I just love getting glimpses of your gorgeous home, June.
You have an ethereal, dreamy style, it's such a pleasure to see what you're up to!


Rebecca Nelson said...

Hey girly...Oh my gosh...I haven't been by in a bit so was excited to see your pretty new pics and your fabulous slip covered chairs. What I wouldn't give for mine to look like that! LOVE THEM!

You always bless me. Hope you are doing GREAT!

Love to you my friend~


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh June,
I've fallen in love with your arched window.....and your wreath.....and your mirror....and your old porch railing....and, everything else !!!! Do you know, I search and search for old window frames, all to no avail !!I have been to all of the reclamation yards as well. They haven't really caught on here yet. Perhaps I should try and find some and open a shop !!!!
Well June, your daughter obviously takes after you....her cushion is so beautiful and, so environmentally friendly.....a good bit of upcycling !!
Your White Wednesday is as beautiful as ever June. XXXX

Fete et Fleur said...

This is an enchanted dreamland that you have created, June. I adore the pillow your daughter made and it sits beautifully on your gorgeous new slip covered chair.

What a blessing to spend time with your daughter Em creating.

Thank you again for the beauty and inspiration.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

How lovely that you were able to spend time with your daughter.
Love your beautiful home, the wreath you made, the gorgeous arch and your chair with the slipcover.
Also adore all your white, the floor is fabulous.
It was great to visit you today and thanks for sharing all your beautiful treasures.

Hope that you are having a lovely week

Unknown said...

where do I start? I love it all! I love that wreath! That pillow that our daughter feminine and adorable. I love those slipcovers! WOW.....I want to move in!

Jacqui said...

That is one beautiful slip cover!! Everything is so beautifully put together - you are so clever! Love the arch (window?)

wendy said...

Wowza white Wowza. Love it.
I have always loved whites.
when I lived in Utah I painted my OLD dark stained kitchen cabinets white and put on new hardware and it made the difference between night and day in there.

I don't think at my house now thought that anything white would STAY white for more then one second between our standard poodle and a dear hubby who drags "stuff" in.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear June
So many beautiful things in this post.. The Church window.. and the mirror [I covet!!!! haha] and those fabulous slip covers.. they are quite perfect!!! As for you clever handiwork with that wreath... is there no end to your talent?? hehe... Have a wonderful week.. ciao xxx Julie

Anonymous said...

As always a beautiful array of pictures to sooth the spirit. I am in love with the slipcover!

Vintage Home said...


Vintage Home said...

...reading your blog is like a breath of fresh clear air!

Polly said...

June I am soooo crushing on all of your ruffles! The pillow your daughter made is lovely....and made from an old shirt??? LOVE THAT!!!

Your slipcover is lovely! I wish I could find a good seamstress to do things like that for me.

Your photos are always gorgeous! I love coming here!!

Have a great evening!



The Green Pea said...

June, your wreath looks beautiful on the porch railing. I really like that idea! Thank you for sharing your lovelies, I enjoyed them all. Blessings, sandi

sweetpea said...

june, i am madly in love with that pillow and that chair... be still my heart. your home is seriously gorgeous so will you stop toying with us and give a tour?

PS~love the names you gave to your children.



myletterstoemily said...

there were so many beautiful things to
see, i don't know where to start.

oh yes, the pillow! how absolutely
precious. and i have the same quilt
with rosebuds. :)

every chair, mirror, floral arrangement
is just exquisite.

Junebug said...

June, What do I say except amazing! Daughters are so much fun!
Hugs, June

Anonymous said...

Ooh I love that pillow with the ruffles and buttons - so sweet! And your wreath is beautiful. Can't wait to see the other one!

Anonymous said...

Absolute perfection, June... I LOVE it all!! You have some amazing pieces that I would just love to get my hands on... just gorgeous!!
I'm glad to hear you had a nice visit with your daughter. :)
Happy WW!
Jo :)

Rebecca said...

Hi June
Love, the chair and the pillow... it all looks very soothing and comfy. But don't you hate making slip covers... I have a chair that needs one and I am procrastinating big time. Maybe in Feb :)
Glad you had some time with your daughter, lots of love sending your way

Debra@CommonGround said...

Oh June, I just love the "feel" of your home. It's so welcoming and cozy. The slipcovers are just adorable with that teensy ruffle. And the wreath, so beautiful...
wonderful photos as always.

MJ Ornaments said...

Oh June, everything is gorgeous, and I love the slipcover. It's so cozy looking, I want to pop into the picture and sit down. Thanks for treating me with the gorgeous views of your home. Take care, Martha

J. Wecker Frisch said...

Hi June - That IS a comfy looking chair. I know I want to sit in it! Ha

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

A vision of purity.
I do love that arched window frame... from a church perhaps.
Susan x

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

June your home is just so beautiful! You have made white look so warm, wonderful and welcoming!! I would love to visit!

Tammy said...

Wow! I love everything in this post! Your home is beautiful! That big church window die for! and the columns, pillows, white floors!!
Oh My.ever.lovin.goodness!! I would spend every minute I had in that pretty chair!
Thanks for sharing and giving great inspiration today!
Tammy :-)

Unknown said...

I love that slipcover, and your wreath is beautiful. Everything in this post is stunning. Wonderful photography too.

Anne Marie said...

this is just so beautiful June...I could never paint the floors or woodwork white - per husband's desires - but I admire your look so much! and that is a perfect slipcover!!

just gorgeous!
anne marie

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
Another beautiful post with so much to admire. I love the beautiful wreath you made with your dried peonies.
The church window is wonderful-I have always loved those.
Your chair looks so cosy with it's new slipcover and the little pillow is so sweet-great idea to make it from an old blouse.
I am glad you got to spend some time with your daughter.My 3 daughters and I are going off the Island to shop for a day on Saturday-I am looking forward to it!
I hope you are feeling better now-flu bugs are not fun.

Take care,


Privet and Holly said...

Sounds like you have
some talented children
as well as grandkids with
great taste! I think I
have the same chair as
the one you re-covered....
It's sitting out in our
garage, a step away from
going to GW, but think I
want to re-do it, now : )
It belonged to my husband's
grandma and originally had
a down cushion. Thank you
for these lovely images and
for inspiring me, always.
xx Suzanne

Lana Manis said...

June, I'm glad you got to spend time with your daughter. Mine is still at home with me, but I still cherish the times we spend out doing things as friends.
Your wreaths are lovely! I just love looking in the backgrounds of all your photos ~ such an interesting and beautiful decor!
And those ruffled, slip covered chairs ~ I adore them! One of these days I will try something like that for a chair I have here.

maría cecilia said...

Dear June, I love each one of the things you share today, everything is so pretty and lovely and cozy and charming at your home. The arc is such a great find and the slipcover is the most beautiful ruffled one I have seen in all blogland!!!!!
Same with the blouse redo your daughter did, it turned out so pretty.
Painting your floor white has been a great decision and the peonies wreaths are super lovely, delicate!!!
I thought you and your daughter had the time to paint La Cabaña, but for sure it´ll be done in some other post, hope soon because I would love going there again...
muchos cariños and much joy to you
maria cecilia

Farah said...

Hi June, so beautiful post.... what a delicacy, beauty and serenenees is there in WHITE... absolutly beautiful... the pillow is fab which your daughter stitched for you, so creativity is in your family blodd:)... as mother as daughter...
I love the detailed and touching description you gave for each picture, love the way you softly spoke... Sliprcover and cushions turns your love seat a marvelous nook for sitting and day dreaming...
Love it all very much


All That Jazz said...

June, everything in this post is beautiful!! WOW! Oh and I love that pillow your daughter made, very creative, I tell ya! I didn't realize your daughter's names were Ember and Season, but how lovely!
Have a great weekend!
~x/o michelle~

My name is Riet said...

Hi dear June. I see I am very late in commenting. I just love love what you did with your chair and pillows and floor. And your daughter is as handy as you are I can see.That is great. I also love to decorate but I must confess now that I am older I am slow in getting things done with my sewingmachine. :))
Hugs from Riet

Brenda Pruitt said...

Your home is always a feast for the eyes. Your daughter inherited your talent for making pretty things. Love the ruffles and the wreath.

Unknown said...

Oh mom that chair is awesome! I am so bummed that it wasn't there when I was! The wreath turned out great and I can't wait for you to post the peony wreath. I had fun too and hopefully there will be more relaxing trips like that again soon.
Love ya

Carole said...

Oh June I don't even know where to start. You really know how to hurt a gal..just kidding! It's all so amazing. Can I move in? I think George would let me go...haha

I think your grandson's compliment says it all....It's so beautiful!!!!


Laura said...

Oh June-
that chair!
I am inspired- as I always am when I visit.

I have a room where I have been dumping things.
It has to stop!


Angela said...

I can't help but comment all the time! I just love your posts so much! I am digging the arch in your home, the lovely pillows (what talented dtrs you have) and the slipcover is the perfect soothing color and the ruffle makes it pretty and feminine. I love your daughter's names. Ember and Season. Makes me wonder what the rest of your kids names are. :)

Barbara said...

I love spending time with my daughter too...she always energizes me!
Your finds are a delight and I adore the feminine ruffles on your slipcover!
Have a lovely weekend, June!

Pondside said...

You've been busy!
I love your white rooms because they have so many layers of white - so many white rooms are so one-dimensional. Well done on the choice for the chair slipcover - I need to get moving on that too.

Candylei said...

I love the linen slipcover with the white ruffles. And your architectural finds. Wow!

The Damsel said...

SO AWESOME...... I love your posts.

Jane said... took me forever to scroll down to leave my comment :) So many want to say what I want to say....beautiful post!! I never tire of seeing the whites in your lovely home. Don't really have a favorite because I love them all.
Reading about your daughters creative endeavors really shows they inherited their mother's talent.
Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Lovey said...

June...check your email...I sent you a couple messages.

Rosie said...

Hey there Junebug,
My, my, my...what a beautiful collection of pretty. I know exactly what you are saying about painting out dark wood. I had a ton of dark moldings, and built in book selves... it took me many years to decide that these were the "problem" in the room. Just couldn't conquer that dark dreary feeling...oh, but once I tossed some cream paint into the mix, "vua la"...a happy place to hang out.
Sorry to hear you have been under the weather...Get well my dear...Blessings, Rosie

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Dear June ~ Thank you so much for stopping by & Your Sweet words of Encouragement and Prayers, it is so Appreciated.... My other daughter thinks that punching him, would Not be such a good idea, so for now, I will try to refrain... Thanks again Dear Friend

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love every little detail, June!
Wishing you a wonderful new week,
~ Zuzu

designchic said...

All so lovely...

paperbird said...

June you are amazing- you always inspire with beauty. I love the ruffled pillow your daughter made- so very clever and the chair is GORGEOUS- I love it.

Have a beautiful week.

koralee said...

You are soooo talented my friend...I love that slipcover!!!

Your home is beautiful...and you sooo inspire me to get out my sewing machine! I want to slipcover everything....hugs. xoxo

Georgianna said...

Everything is so very beautiful and full of charm, June! I love the delicacy of the wreath and your wonderful mirror. I would love to come to the Farm Chicks next year but already have a commitment on one of the days – we'll see. And I am seriously in love with your arched church window frame! Brilliant job on the slipcover, too. I'm going to tackle that this winter, I think. Thank you for your sweet words, much appreciated. hugs, – g

Lisa said...

Oh my dear sweet talented June!
The only thing that makes me feel happy about you putting the garden to bed for winter, is that we get to play inside!!! The gothic window frame made my heart skip a beat. June DO NOT put that outside, unless of course you will go bring it under shelter every time it rains. And that chair...oh I love Wisteria. I can't afford their prices but I love their vision. The wreath, the pillow, all of it amazing! Love ya June! Lisa

Muggensteekjes said...

Hello dear June,
oooh everything is so beautiful, love the wreath...the cushions and the chair...really amazing job. So lovely to read your daughter visited you too.
Have a lovely week,hugs Ingrid.

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Oh June...where does one begin,your talent takes my breath away!!! So happy to here you won Jo's giveaway,you so deserve it!!! x0x0

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Its so nice when a daughter comes to visit.I always hated it when my daughter lived far away.Now she lives up the street and I still don't see her much.She works so hard.
I'm glad you had some time with yours.
Everything is just to gorgeous, breath taking.
Pop on over to my place.I am having a give away to celebrate my return to blogland and the holidays.
May God bless,
XXOO Marie Antionette

Snugglebug Blessings said...

Hi June,

I just found your blog and I was totally blown away. I just love your wonderful house, it is stunning. It must have been wonderful to spend time with your daughter as they seem to grow up so soon. I love the pillow she made it is a great idea and very pretty. Your mirror is my fav too! Have a wonderful, creative day. God bless. Cathy

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Oh June so much loveliness here I don't know where to start! Love the slip covers. I have these on my sofas (not as nice as yours) - but they are indispensable! The mirror and column are lovely and your daughter's handiwork with the blouse/cushion is inspiring!

So glad you spent some time with Ember - a short but very sweet visit I'm sure. I'm loving your home-made wreaths and the arch too.

Thank you for your kind best wishes at mine today.


victorian parlor II said...


It's all so gorgeous-the arched window, the mirror, the slipcovers-everything is so comfy looking! I can't wait to see the rest of the room!



Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Oh June,
It's all beautiful! I came by the other day and thought I'll come back later and then got sidetracked (so me). I love your chairs, all of them! You are so fortunate to live in such a dreamy atmosphere. You have that magic touch for certain!

If you want a chance to win something white for your home, I'm having a little giveaway. Stop by if you get the chance.

I've missed you, need to get caught up. I know I've mentioned this before but I love your daughter's name. Season is a very special name in our family.


Oh, your home is lovely! Everything is so pretty! Love that pillow your daughter made! and your photos are perfect. Also love your autumn photos!
Congrats on winning Jo's giveaway! It will all look great in your home.
~ Julie

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi June, I almost dropped my coffee when I saw your arched window. It is Fabulous!! Love your mirror, columns and the great slipcover. What beautiful whites.
Hugs, Sherry

Country Livin' said...

Hi June,
love your blog.......that chair is beautiful and can so imagine sitting in it and reading!
I am your newest follower!
Trish xo

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

You are so clever, I'd be daunted by covering a chair, and you've done it SO brilliantly! I really like the ruffles and the piping.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!
Jane x

Ana said...

What a charming room June. Love it. Oh and love the chair. You have just inspired me. I have a chair I'll be making a slipcover for and now I think I want it to look just like yours :-) Thanks for the inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

Hugs and Kisses,

pp said...

June, I am seriously having a fit(in a good way) over your chair covers and that pillow! These have to be the most prettiest slip covers I have ever seen. The pleats on the white one and the ribbon pleats on the arm chair are simply the best. What a pleasure you must get out of these. Oh, yes, I do love your white painted floors! You and your daughter made a very sweet wreath together. Gotta love doing projects and creating things with your children.Great find that mirror!

Rostrose said...

Dearest June, I just came back from India and saw your wonderful WW-Post. Thanks for sharing this pretty soft-white pictures!
I'm happy that you spent such a good time with you daugther!!!
Have a great weekend, sweetheart!
Warm hugs from "not so warm Austria" :o)

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

This makes me want to decorate, rearrange again. Our Season is named after Season Hubley as well, my niece. Saw (the original) Season in a TV movie years ago and the name just stuck too, when my brother & wife were having their daughter, we all got to put in suggestions for names. Guess whose won out? ;)
I wonder how many beautiful women out there are named after Season Hubley. Did you know she was once married to Kurt Russell & have a son named Boston?
Happy weekend to a fellow Season (name & actress) fan.

suziqu's thread works said...

I just came here via Lovey and found these most gorgeous pictures of your stunning garden. Besides my creative work we tend a very beautiful large country garden full of roses which are all in their glory at present here in Australia. Gorgeous Gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing!

Vicki said...

Hi, June,
I am glad you got to spend some fun time with your daughter and grandson. I love the wreath you made, very, very chic and pretty!! Your comfy chair that you had recovered is wonderful, too. I can see why you adore that sweet pillow made by your daughter, and I think the church window looks perfect in your beautiful home~Enjoy your weekend, sweet friend~love always~Vicki

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Adore your slipcovered sofa chair with all those pretty little ruffles. I do love all of your projects, June. SO lovely!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh my goooooodness.... Your chair is soooo darn cute! Your slipcover-chickie did a beautiful job.


Dreamy Whites said...

Hi June
I just love your chair it is beautiful!
Your home is so beautiful!!! And your photographs are stunning!
How is the weather up there? We are hopefully going to MT ( home ) for Christmas!
Have a great weekend!
Take Care

Lovey said...

June! Today's your day!!!!


Found you through Pinterest. Now following. I'm in love with your photography and amazing style. LOVE your chair and chippy whites!! Please come visit me at the Farmhouse Porch if you get the time.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely!