Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sanity day...

Today I drove the 60 miles to the nearest little big city
to go shopping and to buy our groceries
for the week.
My husband calls these my 'sanity days'.
These days are pretty special to me. I love the alone time
spent with just my thoughts to keep me company.
When you live in a town of about 450 to 500 people and there
are only two convenience stores in the whole place,
you really get to
where you crave getting out of Dodge and hittin' the stores.
Now don't get me wrong, I really love living out in the
country (sticks), but I would love to live a little closer to
a mall, or a Michael's, or a T. J. Maxx, than 60 miles.
Today was spent shopping for items to do some Christmas
projects with, and a little thrifting.
I found some silver plate that I couldn't seem to
leave behind. I love the butter dish.

I stopped at Barnes and Noble and did some serious damage
to my pocketbook. I will spend all of tomorrow looking through
and reading some of my favorite publications.
Have I told you before how much I love British decorating magazines?

These three are some of my favorites.
I also picked up this new Christmas CD of Andrea Bochelli.
I played it all the way home. There are 2 songs on it that are
just so beautiful. No, I take that back, there are 15 songs on it
that are beautiful, but 2 that took my breath away.
'The Lord's Prayer' and 'I Believe'.
I had chills and tears in my eyes just listening to them.
I listen to Christmas music from now till the middle of January.
I love it!!!

I saw all sorts of great ideas for Christmas today and
I'm feeling very inspired.
All in all, it was a wonderful day all to myself.

I have all the garden work done for Winter, and look who
was a big help yesterday.
This is my sweet little garden faerie, Maddie.
She's my little 4 year old granddaughter.
You can see that the snow melted from that storm I
posted before. We have been enjoying days in the 50's
this past week.

We spread the last of the compost, which was my
final garden chore of 2009.

Now Winter can come to small town Idaho.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Rebecca Nelson said...

Oh JunieGirl...

I love Bocelli! What a blessing ti is to hear his beautiful voice. Evidence to the world that when we struggle in one area God indeed makes up for it in another.

I loved your Post today. You will never know how badly I wish I'd been with you today. Needed the smiles, the sisterhood and the laughter I KNOW would have filled the Autumn air...

Love to you~


Julie Marie said...

Hello June, what a precious little helper you have! I too enjoy quiet times alone... to think, daydream, whatever...our town is small too, but the TJ Maxx is only about 10 minutes away... probably not a good thing! (except for them!) The Barnes and Noble is right by them too, and yes, serious damage to the pocketbook can definitely be done there! I am a magazine addict and I always leave with a bunch... I save them all though and refer to them often, so I really don't feel guilty buying them... then if by chance I do end up parting with any, I donate them to my doctor's office, so the ladies have something better than Popular Mechanics to read! My garden is put to bed for the winter too and the birdfeeders are filled... our weather has been really nice and warm and sunny again as well... Happy reading to you! I love your posts always... xoxo Julie Marie

Paris Rags Romance said...

I'm so happy you can get out to shop, we are so close to all the good stores makes me feel bad for you! Then again think of all the money you save, unlike me who goes wayyyy to much!! Your Gran baby is a doll! Always love your posts, thanks for stoping by my faithful blogger friend, your the Angel :) Hugs, Kimberly

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

What a lovely post and so glad that you had some special time for you.
I love all the things you bought and I would have tears in my eyes from Andrea Bochelli, he is amazing.
How precious, your beautiful little helper is.

Happy weekend

blushing rose said...

I had Bocelli in my hand & set it back down, for no reason & never went back to pick it up! I will now for sure ... I LOVE him. I have him on my playlist with the Ave Maria.

How sweet Maddie the gardener helping you. She's a cutie. Our gardens are resting, awaiting the snows to nourish them for spring.

Glad you had a wonderful peaceful day just being with yourself ... it is relaxing isn't it.

TTFN ~Marydon

susan said...

I know I need a little alone time myself! Glad you had a fun day out. Now you need another "alone" day to enjoy all your magazines! Maddie is a cutie!

Sandi said...

Oh June must get out more often. You DID do some serious damage to your pocketbook didn't you?? lol
Worth every penny I say!!!!!
Have a wonderful tomorrow!! I am off to slumberland.

Anonymous said...

Oh June I am so glad you had some alone time! I so know how one needs that time! I had some girl time today! I hadn't been out with a friend in ages and we had several little (I mean little as we live in a little town too!) craft fairs in some neighboring little towns to go to and then had lunch. Oh how fun!
I have not heard of most of those magazines! I went to barnes and Noble when we went to the big city a few days ago to visit several people who were in the hospital and wanted to find a good magazine- I will have to write these ones down and see if I can find them! The artful blogging sounds real interesting- I look at everyone else's blog and wish mine were more interesting. I have a terrible time writing witty and interesting things in my blog!


maría cecilia said...

There´s nothing better than to be just with oneself sometimes and do what you like to do and listen the music you love... a wonderful moment June!!!
Your little Maddie is just lovely and so cute!!!
I make my own compost too, it´s the best thing for soil!!
Enjoy your magazines a lot.
María Cecilia

Lady Pamela said...

I hear you, June. I need those Mental Health days, too. Why do I always feel so guilty when I take one? I have to work on that attitude of mine. Thanks for the encouragement.

Laura said...

Great minds think alike Miss June-
My post today was about Christmas inspiration, books, and Christmas CDs- including Andrea Bocelli's!


Miss Gracie's House said...

Looks like you brought home lots of treasures...and inspiration. KWYM about driving for all of the *good* stuff...but we at least have Joanne's to keep me supplied! Maddie is so cute...and I had to smile thinking about Ellis dressed like Grandpa:)...saw Ember the other day...she looked great and had a sparkle in her eye...good to see her.
Your *whites* are beautiful as always!

Vicki said...

June, I am glad you got to have some time to yourself doing a little shopping and having fun. The silver butter dish is so pretty! The cd sounds wonderful. I am going to have to look for it. Don't you love to have some wonderful magazines to read when you have some quiet, cozy time? Your little garden helper is precious. These grandchildren are the absolute best. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Much love to you! Vicki

Abatevintage said...

Oh what a fun outing you had today. I do damage whenever I shop to lol.

I think it sounds like heaven to be in such a small town, I can see how trying to shop could be a problem though ;0)

Have a wonderful Sunday.


PS Your grand-daughter is adorable and she looked like she was having fun with that shovel. My kids love to dig anything they can.

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh June, I love EVERYTHING you came home with!!!! I'm so glad you had a day to yourself, we all need those days! Enjoy you wonderful magazines ~ they all look so good ~ xxoo, Dawn

Debra Howard said...

What a delightful post. I live in a small town too so I completely understanding the need to get out of Dodge. Grocery day is pretty special to me too.

The French Bear said...

I am so glad I am not the only magazine loving person out there!!! I do hope you enjoy every minute of reading!!!
You little helper looks so adorable!
Margaret B

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

You bought some of my favorite decorating magazines. Any magazine in Kuwait is triple what you would pay in the States, but I found that the British decorating magazines are cheaper than the American ones so that's what I turned to. Of course, prices have gone up on everything these days so even they cost more than they did 10 years ago. I love Country Homes & Interior, Homes & Antiques and 25 Beautiful Homes; also Period Living is nice. It is nice to have a day off on your own -- sounds like you were quite succesful in your purchases. I didn't even hear the Bocelli cd but just hearng you talk about it gave me goosebumps! I know it will be good. Your little garden helper is adorable. Small town life is definitely the life for me. But I can understand that a craft store just around the corner would make it even more perfect. Have a wonderful Sunday! :) Best wishes, Tammy

Yvonne said...

Beautiful Bocelli music, i love it too June
you bought also wonderful things, and what a lovely granddaughter you have !!!
Have a nice Sunday !
Hugs Yvonne

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Dear June, so many wonderful magazines! Your garden looks like so big and very nice! living in a little town in Idaho must be wonderful!!!!
Have a fine sunday,
lovely greetings, Yvonne

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

What treasures you have found and the enjoyment of the day will be remembered everytime you look at them...
You certainly have an adorable helper and she has the perfect name too.
Enjoy your Sunday, your new CD and the beauty of your Idaho.

Rostrose said...

OOOOh, wunderful silver plates and butter dish!!!! And what a nice garden faerie is helping you!
Warm autumn-regards from Austria, Traude


Sounds like the perfect kind of day! Now your making me want to go shop (;

Jane said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful, productive, quiet day...the best kind! Your granddaughter is adorable and I think it's wonderful that she wants to help you in the garden.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Oh my, I love all of your silver that you found, what a great day you had.
And that little Maddie is a real sweetheart helping her Grandma.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi June,
I was given an award and wanted to pass one along to you for your wonderful blog. If you do not accept awards, I understand, but if you do, enjoy!
See my blog for information.

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

The silver trays, the magazines, Andrea all in one trip! Dean learned is Italian by singing Andrea Bocelli's songs, he is amazing (Dean is)lol and your granddaughter is bellina. Have a great Sunday Ciao Rita

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hey June, I got pretty much the same piece of your silver in gold, but I paid the hefty price when they were new- Darn it. Gosh Girl that is pretty far to go, I live out in the sticks too, but it takes at least half your miles to get to those places from where I'm at.

How sweet to see your lovely Granddaughter Maddie at work.. I think It's good to see kids work in the yard like that.

You mention some songs that really moved you, well I have a song that will also touch your heart. The Song is called REVELATIONS SONG by Kari Jobe all you have to do is google it and you can listen to it. At our church some young girls sing it so nicely and you talk about anointing this song is my favorite.

Well girl I think I'll be posting today or tomorrow, so hopefully I'll see you then. Take Care-

Anonymous said...

I love Christmas music too...I'll tell you a secret, I still have some in the cd changer from last year family thinks it's due to laziness but it's actually because I love it all year long!

Anonymous said...

Wow...I believe you and I were on the same wave length this weekend....I too purchased a couple of my favorite publications and Andrea's Christmas CD. Hubby took the wheel while I immediately unwrapped the CD and played it on our drive home...all the while flipping through the pages of my Somerset Life magazine....a dreamy drive home indeed....


Gypsy Purple said...

I can see you had a great time...I also grew up in a very small town, so I know the excitement and freedom of just getting "out" a bit

Reading Tea Leaves said...

June, from what I can see of the countryside around your house, Idaho looks great and your granddaughter is so sweet and very helpful! I've been listening to Andrea Bocchelli's 'Arias' - its wonderful. I totally agree - however much we love being with our loved ones, we all need a little 'me' time. Enjoy!

Carole said...

Oh June that was fun...felt like I was right there with you shopping. I don't often get time to shop so your like me...power shop. It's like your on a high or something. Isn't it wonderful when a song can bring you to tears...happens to me more then I'd like to admit. I wonder what people think as they're driving by:)
Enjoy all your magazines...I did the same thing when I went to Borders a couple of weeks ago.
Thanks for this post....I had fun!!!
ps....Back to raking:)

a Bohemian Market said...

Hi June:
My thoughts are with you. I wish I did NOT live in such a concrete urban jungle. Oh for the peace of a small town in Idaho!!! I grew up in a town in Central CA of 2,500 people and we all knew each other. I want to retire in a community like it one day : )
When you have time please come pick up an award I am passing on to you : )

LiLi M. said...

Hi June, I think our worlds differ so much: we live with 16 million in a small country, I think that anyone can reach a dutch Michaels' (=Pipoos) or a supermarket within about half an hour drive max. When I visited the States I saw that there was a tremendous amount of magazines offered, but only at Barnes and Nobles and a 1000 books. Here even my very very small supermarket has a reasonable supply and there are at least 20 shops with a large supply, even of foreign magazines within 10 minutes biking. I just tell you this to show you the difference, I know that every medal has two sides: here quietness or darkness is rarely found, I think it's impossible when I am honest, our garden is small, but we are happy here, just as you are happy there! I think it's just funny as we seem to have much in common too. I love those magazines and I love Andrea Bocelli too, what a great idea too listen to Christmas music for such a long time. Here Monday already started, but I want to postpone bedtime :-) enjoy your Sunday!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

June, I remember when my girls
(3 of them... under the age of 4 )were little, I would have given an eye tooth to get out like you did...I did not drive then. ~~
But I can only IMAGINE how wonderful it is for you to get away and have some well deserved time ALL to yourself to enjoy.~~


Lori said...

June, it looks like you have lovely views there where you are...i never noticed that in your garden shots before...your little helper is absolutely beautiful...what a good girl too, she looks like she is working hard...i bet she will have her own beautiful garden one day that reminds her of your silver finds!!!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi June, What a lovely little helper you have.'re obviously teaching her early, June.
You like English magazines, June.
If only you lived here in England. I just got rid of a years worth of Country Living, Homes and Gardens, Homes and Antiques and Country Homes and Interiors !!!!
I have Victoria sent to me from the States !
Enjoy the wonderful music and have a great week. XXXX

Mary H said...

Loved your post today...those days to just collect our thoughts and look around and shop without interruption can really soothe the happy you got one of those days and the "finds" are lovely too. Thinking that sounds good to go out and do.
Your yard looks great and good for you getting that all done early.
Hugs to you dear friend and thank you for visiting me, I always look forward to hearing from you...Mary H.

Stacey said...

Hi June! I am glad you had a great time shopping. You got some fabulous stuff! Love the butter dish.

We live in the BIG city but I keep trying to talk my husband into moving to the "sticks". You gave me the idea of telling him we would save money since the stores wouldn't be so close for me to shop at. Do you think he will buy it? LOL

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

I love how you call it "Sanity Day", June. There's nothing like being alone with yourself, even if for a little while...

Unknown said...

Oh June! Believe me, I understand sanity days!!!! Even going to town with ONE child is a sanity day in this house, lol! So glad you are able to do that. We all need it. LOVE your new silver pieces!!!! They are going to be so perfect in your home!! I am actually getting into Christmas for the first time in years! I am usually really depressed this time of year. Hubby FINALLY said we could have a white tree this year and I cannot wait!!
Love ya sweetie,

Unknown said...

Your granddaughter is GORGEOUS!!!!! And what a good little helper! She looks to be working so hard!

Deb said...

Such a successful "day to yourself" of shopping :-) Love all the magazines you picked up and Andrea Bocelli is a favourite of mine too (although I find it hard not to sob through all the songs) ♥ Sweet photos of Maddie ~ what a wonderful little garden helper!

jade said...

Oh June, i thank you sooooo much for this post!!! I love Andrea Bocelli and i must have this CD - thank you for this inspiration!!!!!! It must have been a wonderful day for you..........soooo beautiful treasures you found!!!! And your little Maddie is so sweet - what a lovely helping hand!!!!

Have a wonderful week, dear June (i´m looking forward to my new CD ;))), Hugs Jade

The Queen's Jewels said...

Wow, look at that butterdish! Gorgeous! I love your blog! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday! Kathie <3

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Ahhhh....Sweetie June..

It sounds like a glorious day. And, Andrea Bocelli?....DELISH...I just saw that new CD in the Sunday paper...I think I NEED it! And, all those yummy magazines. A day of pure heaven ahead. I adore each one.

Your little granddaughter is as cute as can be... How wonderful to have the help.

Have a great time with your new reads!


Rebecca Nelson said...


Just had to visit again and tell you something...

Your note on my blog today made me tear up. I so needed it. Sometimes I wonder WHAT I'm doing with this blog thing and WHY I am even doing it.

Your sweet words reminded me that God does not call the qualified He qualifies the called. And until He releases me from this daily/weekly commitment then I will continue to press on. One comment or a million, I'll write and share until He tells me "It's time to move along child...".

You ALWAYS bless me. Someday we will meet.

Love, Rebecca

Unknown said...

What wonderful silver finds. I can't even imagine having to drive that far to the grocery store! I would surely have to think differently about the way that I shop!

KeKe said...

Love the butter dish!!...You did do dome damage at B&N didn't you? :)

The Victorian Parlor said...


It sounds like you had a wonderful 'sanity' day. You definately brought back some great treasures:). Your granddaughter is adorable and I'm sure that you guys had a great time in the garden.



Anne Lorys said...

Wow, you got some great stuff! Especially the mags, I love ALL of those magazines! Darn it, I can't ever find the Artful Blogging one, though.
Maddie's a doll!

Diane said...

Lovely post, June. Sounds like you had a lovely sanity time. Your reading material looks phenomenal, you'll enjoy that for a while. Can I borrow your little garden fairy?

Ana said...

Hi Sweet June,
The closet mall to my Petite Cottage is at walking distance. I promise I will never take that for granted again...:-) I love your new silver plated butter dish. It is very similar to one that I have. Did yours come with a glass plate inside? I got real lucky, mine was a complete set. Anyway, I am so happy you had a great time on your "sanity" day. I think we could all benefit from one of those once in awhile.:-)

Sending you tons of love,

Candy said...

Oh girl I love your story and the window into your soul. I too love that on my own time...just me and the Lord talking all about it.
So glad you got some great magazines and a stack of silver for your creations. And I can't think of anyone who deserves a sweet garden fairy more than you.
Blessings to my friend in the sticks! said...

June, you have so many friends here, you probebly don't need one more comment, but I just wanted to say that your silver plate is beautiful and I can't wait to see what you do with it. What a wonderful young granddaughter and it looks like she is enjoying helping in the garden. I love that! My granddaughter Kacie, loves to spend time with me in my sewing room. I means the world to me.

tight hugs

Anonymous said...

June- I had to chuckle at your comment concerning my pretty closet. I have a confession- I keep that slider door slid open and go in the room and just take a peek here and there at that cute space!!! I do that when I clean my floors too- probably because they get clean and shiny so seldom but I do love the satisfaction of making something pretty and clean!

Have a super week friend!


Peonies & Magnolias said...

Hi June, you have the cutest little helper in your garden, she is beautiful. Can relate to that sanity time, there is nothing like it and love that butter dish you found. I also love reading magazines and can't ever seem to get enough.

Thanks for visiting and have a great day.


Unknown said...

Yeah June's on board with Christmas! I love a girl who starts listening to Christmas music as early as I do (it's for the kids you know, THEY just love it...hee hee)! Your silver pieces are beautiful, really beautfiul!! And I totally "get" that you love those British decorating magazines :)

Glad you had a day to yourself!

:) T

The Pink Birdhouse said...

June, just hearing about how it is in your small town makes this little town that i live in seem like a metropolis. I will never complain about it again. (well, maybe not as often!!). I have to drive half an hour too so that i can find any larger stores, nothing but bakeries, food stores and such here in town. And that is alot compared to what this place looked like when I first moved here. I thought I had landed on the moon, nothing around but the cows and horses, and me coming out of the outskirts of Philadelphia!! How hard it was to adjust to such a slow-paced country life. I too hit all the big stores when in the city, coming home with my purse empty but my bags full. I do miss Barner and Noble from the states, don't have it here so i depend on Amazon online book store for all my english reading. No craft stores here either, boy do I miss them. when ever I am in NJ I go crazy, hitting at least 2 stores each day that I am there, then I go back for seconds to my favorites before I leave. I have been known to be at the mall one hour before my plane leaves!! Gotta get that shopping in while I still can. Loved seeing your granddaughter. what a proud Grandma you are to such adorable little gals! they must all fill your life with joy. hugs from here, and wishing you a happy Tuesday. Debby

Debra@CommonGround said...

I'm definitely buying the CD. Love him and he just lifts you up when you listen. Living that distance from town would make me more organized in my list making! I just recently found CL-UK and now I'm going to have to spring for a subscription. Pricy but well worth it! Your little helper is such a cutie, now you're all snuggled down for a "winter's nap". Have a great day, June.


Hm, June? Have you found some chocolate? :0) I see you have the latest UK Country Homes issue! I have a subscription of that magazin and I love the days when I come home from work, open my Mailbox and find the magazin in it. I had to smile reading your post today, I also live in a village with something about 450 people :0)
Wish you a nice day, hugs & kisses Mira!

Monica said...

OMG! I have to go shopping and take those. UK CL is one of my fave and Andrea Bocelli too! And naturally I love the Stampington publications.
Monica x.

Muggensteekjes said...

Hello dear June,
Ooh you did buy some very lovely things,can't I go with you sometimes?
I also love the music of Andrea Bocceli,he has such a great voice.I think I have to go and do some shopping too.And you have bought some lovely magazines,Artfull blogging is new for me,wish I could buy it here as well.And what a sweet and lovely granddaughter,and she works very hard too,a very sweet garden faerie.
Dear hugs for you and your little faerie.

Rita said...

Hi June,
wow, already shopping for xmas... i'm one of the las-minute ones, always waiting until I get some serious inspiration. This year, hope it to be different with all the inspiration I get from my fave blogs. love your silver butter dish. I was also in the mood for some silver and went into a silversmith as I had seen a small four-legged tray. € 440 - way beyond my pocket.
Love your post. I do too love English home decor magazines and I often buy British Editions of Country Homes and Interiors and as well as Country Living. there's that certain touch in them that makes me enjoy every page.
Let me tell you though that also some French and German magazines are very good, Campagne Decoration and Wohnen & Garten just to mention a couple. Like their style
a whole lot.
Thanks for popping by and leaving your lovely comment.

koralee said...

Thank you my friend for all your well wishes. Your sweet little spot on this world looks so lovely. I get British Country Living every month and love it..even though we get it 2 months behind...I just picked up the Christmas one I am reading in Feb...oh well I still love it! Stay healthy!

The Chateau of Remnants said...

Well it looks and sound like Heaven in your House! I love Silver and Andrea Bocelli!


Reginas Cottage said...

hi june,
it sounds you have a wonderful time.
what a loveley found your silver plate and your butterdishes are so
wonderful.the magazine are great,
oh and i love andrea bochelli,too.
have a nice time,

BellaRosa said...

June I am so glad for you that you got a chance to have some YOU mush as we love our families...sometimes you just need a few moments alone to recharge..that you got to come home with such great mags and beautiful treasures is the icing right :) After being slow at work for so long my hubby (works construction) has been busy working this week, gave me a moment to visit my treasure haunts yesterday. I hit 2 of my favorites, spending under $20 total and came home with some great treasures, even though I missed him, it was so nice to just get out alone and take my time looking at Everything :) I will get some pictures up soon. besos, Rose

Anonymous said...

Hi June..thank you for your lovely comments...this was a week when they were much needed!

Enjoy your weekend...



decorator to the stars said...


Journal Swag said...

What a precious little angel you're little Maddie is! Darling.


pp said...

Oh how I understand exactly what you mean about wishing everything wasn't 60 miles away. Same goes for me.

Love British decorating magazines too!

Also I have a special place in my heart for angels or what most call cherubs.One that I have makes me feel like it's watching over me:)

Bless you and your family!