Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cover it up!

I love the linen cover on this chair
but wanted to protect it from our spills
when we ate. So I had the white slipcover made.

sofa in livingroom

This ottoman was given to me by my mother-in-law and I love it, but didn't love it's orange velvet from the 70's

love the roses on this fabric and love the butter yellow color

I love slipcovers because... they extend the life of my furniture, it's cheaper than buying new, you can cover up a multitude of sins, (like the ugly orange velvet on that ottoman), I don't have to worry about the grandchildren feeling bad if they get them dirty, and I'll be really truthful, I really like a change in my surroundings once in awhile. I buy almost all my furniture second hand. It saves me so much money. Some of my most beloved pieces were even free. But believe me when I tell you most of them were in really bad shape when I got them. I love taking an ugly duckling and making a swan out of it. I find it satisfying. I sometimes make my own slipcovers but the ones above were made by women who are more talented at sewing then I am. Someday I will show you some I did myself. Maybe. They certainly don't look like these. When I have a slipcover made I usually take a picture of an idea I like and tweak a little until its just what I want and then Bette does the rest. She is a miracle worker. She doesn't take that long either. The woman I used to make the cream sofa slip had the sofa for 6 weeks and it was hard to be without it that long. I buy all my fabric at a discount fabric outlet called Home Decorator Fabrics in Boise. They have a huge selection of decorator mill ends, rolls and rolls of them. All cottons and linens are $5.99 to $6.99 a yard. Most of the time I wait for something to go on clearance for $3.00, because I'm cheap like that. I take the fabric home and wash it in hot water and then dry it in the dryer. I do this 3 times so I'm assured of it not shrinking once it is made into the cover. After it is on the furniture if it does need washing, I wash in warm or cold water depending on the need. I have a dog who loves to be on a couple of the pieces so they are washed more frequently. I'll have to do another post to show you some of the other pieces I have around the house. For a small house I sure can cram a lot into it.


Fete et Fleur said...

I love slipcovers! I think they are the best idea for families and those of us who love comfy living.


Unknown said...

I love the chair! It is way better than I had imagined it to be and I can't wait to sit on it.
Love ya

The Pink Birdhouse said...

June, I am so in love with your furniture, incognito with their slipcovers! The pieces are absolutely stunning. You have inspired me to find someone who could possibly make slip covers for me. I can sew, but not that well and would never take on such a chore. I would love to cover up an old sofa that we have in the livingroom which is there just for our dog Cody. That way he leaves our good sofa alone and feels as if he has his own special place to lay. It could use a bit of spiffing up though, and a slip cover is just the thing! And yesterday I realized just how thread bare my diningroom chair are. I could get slip covers for them too. What an inspiration you are. And you are not at all cheap!!! You are inventive, and conscience of how much hard work goes behind every dollar earned!!! My hat is off to you, dear friend.

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

June, I have three wingback chairs, that I got from yard sales, and not that good in looks, so I was able to buy slipcovers for them in a cream color. I also have a sectional which was second hand as well in very good shape. I would love to have that covered on of these days for a different look. SLIPCOVERS ARE THE BEST! By the way the women that did all your slipcovers are fantastic! Did you get a good price having it done? I know by having it done professionally could really cost.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I'm not crazy about most new furniture. It looks nice but doesn't wear well.

I have slipcovers over many pieces. I like the look and I like painted furniture.

Anonymous said...

Love your slip covers. I have an idea that I can do my own one day. I will venture down that road when i've taken in a deep enough breath.

I am the same way with fabrics that will be tested daily. I have to wash them more than once to assure they won't ruin my project down the road.

Your pieces look lovely.

June said...

Hi Tammy,
I have seen how you can sew. No question about it, yours will be awesome.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

June, I left a reply-comment for you on today's post. I always enjoy it so much when you drop by my blog for a visit! Next time I will set out the tea cups and some yummy german cookies, and we could have a lovely visit with each other!!

Carolyn said...

I love all your slipcovers! Everything looks so pretty.

The Victorian Parlor said...

I just love your fabrics! They are so soft and comfy looking:) I enjoy seeing such a wonderful use of fabrics and textures-it really makes a room special!

Deedee said...

Wow, they look great, June. I recently got new furniture and now I am thinking I should get slipcovers to protect them. Between the dog, the cats and my two kids(grown but not gone) it is already taking a beating. Thanks for the great idea.

countrycharisma said...

Hi June, thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comments. I have enjoyed viewing yours too, and I am adding you to my following list. Love what you did with the little chair and the slipcovers on it and all the others. My mother used to slipcover when I was growin up (she was protecting furniture from 6 children) and I always loved the look. You will just have to bring your mother back to TN for a good ol southern visit sometime. blessings, carrell

Silver said...

It's absolutely beautiful.

i love a good bargain. Nothing beats that feeling. well, almost nothing. :)

Welkom said...

Hai June,
Thanks for your sweet comment!
I agree with you about slipcovers, it changes your furniture easely, and doesn't cost a whole lot.
So you can change with the seasons!
Thanks for charing.
Hugs Anita

Debra Howard said...

I love your slipcovers. I have been looking for some with that kind of look and not having too much success. Oh how I wish you were closer I would try to hire your talented Bette myself. Oh well, I can at least look at yours and dream.

Donna said...

I had to pop over to meet your finces after seeing your post on Cindy's blog today. They're beautiful! Love your slipcovers as well! I have generic Surefit or IKEA slipcovers on my old Broyhill sturbridge plaid sofa and loveseat, but I'd lovde to have something custom made eventually so they fit perfectly! Your blog is just gorgeous as are all your photos! Also love the photos of your horses. When I was young, I could not get enough of horses. We never owned them but my mom and dad scrimped so I could take riding lessons for a while. And whenever I brought home library books, they were horse books... all my paint by numbers were of horses, too (wish I still had all those!)... Thanks for the wonderful visit!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

cathleen said...

Your slipcovers are lovely and you have a lovely blog, too! Thanks for visiting mine!

Andrea said...

I dropped in from The Victorian Parlor. I love your home! The slipcovers are beautiful, and your sofa is so pretty! I also love your "creative" area. You are very talented. I enjoyed my visit very much. God bless.


Anita said...

Love the slipcovers! Especially the details on the 2nd chair. Wish I could find someone to do some slipcovers for me!