Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm a slacker...

This is a sign that hangs above the door in my kitchen. I made it years ago to get out of having to cook on sundays. Oh I still fed my kids but it wasn't the usual meal that we had I on weekdays. You see, I believe that moms deserve a day off. I was sure my kids wouldn't die if one day a week they ate cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If they wanted a little variety they could always have popcorn. I thought this was fair. I loved cooking when I had all six children home. I just didn't like cooking everyday of the week. I started to really dislike cooking when the children were getting older and none were home at the same time for meals, including hubby. He's a police officer and it seemed he was never home at mealtime. Now all the children are gone but our 22 yr old. [who's on his own meal schedule] I find I have to motivate myself to cook for just my husband and I. Real meals I mean. Sometimes I miss cooking, but most of the time I don't. Hubby's shiftwork still keeps us from eating at 'normal' people's mealtimes. When I do 'honest to goodness cook' I still cook for an army. I never learned to cut back in that area. We do eat a lot healthier these days however. So my guy never complains. I feel like such a slacker sometimes but not enough to cook three large meals a day... so I'm thinking of making a new sign 'CLOSED EVERYDAY'

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Unknown said...

Closed everyday would be a good sign, but I think it would fit better if it said Closed when Ember and Ellis come to visit! Maybe that is why I come and visit so often is it is a great weightloss plan I am on when I come and visit and only drink a half of a coke.
Love ya mom and keep slacking you deserve it!