Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm an addict...

This cabinet is stacked two deep
Landon loves magazines too!
Now I know I'm not alone in this. I have a lot of addictions. My big one is magazines. Well wait a minute, so is my addiction for fabric, old books,old chippy browning china, gardening, anything that sparkles and Coca Cola. Not any Coke though. It has to be fountain and it has to have a dash of Dr.Pepper in it. Back to the magazine thing. I think it's genetic because my mother is the same way. It's not only buying them but the fact that I can't part with them after I finish looking at them. The trouble is I never do finish looking at them. I store them and then go over them again and again. At least I'm getting my money's worth, I tell my husband. A couple of years ago I had so many that they started taking over the house so He kindly asked me if it would be possible to curb it . I kindly said no but that I would go through them and try to keep only my favorites. I was so proud of myself, I was able to get rid of 500 issues. I told you I was an addict! It almost killed me though but I did want to reclaim the space they were taking up. I had issues of decorating and gardening mags dating back to 1982. The reason Hubs doesn't give me too bad a time over buying them is that he doesn't want me to hassle him over the cost of seven horses. At least I don't have to feed my magazines.


The Pink Birdhouse said...

Magazines, I have a passion for them too, and hate to throw any of them away. Okay, so I throw away the ones that have society gossip in them and that come out every week filled with the newest gossip. No reason to keep them. But I still have a collection of Dog Fancy magazines that date back to the 70's, in fact the original Premier Issue is among them! I love those magazines and they have been read so many times over the years, they are dog-earred, excuse the pun! I am a notorious collector of things, I can not help it, I just love having all my little lovelies there to see and admire all the time, magazines included, so i can really sympathize with you! If your hubby has 7 horses, wow, can I send my daughter on over to you. :-) She loves horses more then anything else in the world and has been riding for more then 12 years now. Take care, and I look forward to dropping in regularly from now on to see what is new in your world!! Have a great weekend. Debby

The Victorian Parlor said...

I feel for you! There is something wonderful about the colorful picture on the cover and all of the ideas within! When the magazine catches my eye on the newstand I am compelled to buy it! I am able to get rid of many of my magazines except for Victorian Homes-I keep all of them and reference them anytime I am doing a project for the house. Of course with the price of magazines skyrocketing it's cheaper to buy decorating books (hmmm, but that's another addiction:) This is a fun post!

The Chateau of Remnants said...

I love So collect it all Magazines,Books,Maps, ...Etc. You name It want to keep it. There are stacks everywhere in my house... I can relate :)

Your blog and picture are so Beautiful!!


Sharing with Sherri said...

Oh June,
I decided to take some time an go through some of your older posts, and I'm so enjoying them! and feel such a connection to you now! But when I came to this post about your addiction to magazines I nearly died laughing! because...

Hello...My name is Sherri and I'm a Magazine-a-holic...
I even built crates to keep mine in, I have soooo many!

Actually there is hope because I have kicked the habit on all my subscriptions, and just ended my last one Country Living Mag. (but I'm getting weak tho, they keep sending those enticing Come Back notices!!)
But my favorite mag was Romantic Homes.
(I'm betting that's one of your favs too)!

Wow and today at the market I picked up a couple and started to buy, and couldn't believe how much they had gone up!!
So you know what? I think we might just be now sitting on a gold mine now!! whatta ya think?!! LOL.

Okay gotta go look at some more posts now!

sweetpea said...

June, I too love mags and had a trunk full of them. But I also have developed this compulsion to get rid of stuff I don't use anymore, so years ago I bought the biggest ring binder they sell and a box of page protectors and started taking all the inspirational pages out of the mags and keeping them in the binder. Now I can look at the pages I love without searching through every mag. Just a suggestion.